MEHEM is a reinterpretation of the endings of Mass Effect 3, which allows Commander Shepard to survive the final mission, among many other changes. It features custom videos and slides, re-engineered gameflow, original as well as re-arranged voice acting, new music, etc.

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Makes the ending less "art" and more enjoyable. Well done to all who have worked on this, and I look forward to the versions to come!


Sure glad your application for a mod-page got approved this time around, MrFob!

What can I say, have been following development since the start, one year ago, and it's great to see it has come as far as it has. And still keeps going, with upcoming 0.4 looking to become the crowning achievement with the spectacularly well done custom scenes.

It's the simple, heart-warming send-off of Shepards in either their friend's or lover's embrace that won me over in the beginning. That 'losing the game' at lower EMS is going to get further attention too now is a great bonus, and one done with care by the looks of things.

Looking forward to what's next, your work already managed to salvage the game's finale on this end here. For that, you have my thanks, MrFob and crew.


Finaly a real end

This is how the ending for mass effect 3 should have been.

Finally an ending this great trilogy deserves. Keep up the good work.

The single most important mod I have ever encountered. I hesitate to even use the word "mod" because MEHEM is so vital to the Mass Effect Series. I would encourage you instead to consider MEHEM to be an unofficial patch to fix bugs left in by the developer.

I say Bravo! to all who's hard work made this journey to the stars possible. Ad Astra Per Aspera!


This mod took a controversial and widely disparaged official game ending and turned it into a gem. The real kicker is it was absolutely a fan/player-created ending managed without any support from the game developer: no sdk, no official tools of any kind, just the hard work of a handful of players to reverse engineer core aspects of the game. The best you can say about the game developers wrt this mod is they didn't shut it down as it all came together in the official game forums. This mod is an ingenious cutting and rearrangement of pre-existing game content into an entirely new, and better, endong than was offered officially. It makes the entire series replayable again.


MEHEM is the definite "Must Have" mod for anyone who is a fan of the Mass Effect Trilogy. It makes the series worth playing again. By removing all of the unneeded scenes and plot holes which is basically everything including, "the star/god child" and the stupid planet crash scene. It creates the perfect ending where the Crucible destroys the reapers and only the reapers not all synthetic life and Shepard is rescued and lives. The Mass Effect (3) Happy Ending Mod gives you the ending to Mass Effect 3 that you've always wanted.

-"Through hardships to the stars"


This mod is simply amazing. It changes what most people didn't like, and while some scenes might be a little choppy or odd, it does a great job.

This mod scores 10/10 with me. Now understand, I am not one to hand out high ratings on the fly. But MEHEM truly deserves it. Not only does it put a happier spin on the ME3 ending, but it eliminates almost all plot holes created by the original and EC endings.
Franchise saving mod. Period.

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Makes the ending less "art" and more enjoyable. Well done to all who have worked on this, and I look forward to the versions to come!

Oct 16 2013 by rad666a