New skill trees with 210 new skills, new base items, gems, runes, uniques, runewords, sets, crafting improved monster AI and new monster types, elite and heroic monsters, 28 uberquests for advanced characters, 5 challenges. Compatible with Diablo II Lord of Destruction 1.10/1.11/1.12/1.13 (PC/Mac).

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Remember that brick wall you hit when you beat Baal on hell difficulty? This is were this mod is just getting started. There are many uberquests (all based on actual Diablo lore) to keep you going, ranging from moderately challenging to painfully difficult (but doable). And they give nice rewards for beating them in the form of unique charms. And if you like the early game, there are challenges and minigames for that too.
Also, remember finding that unique Shako or that good rune? Me neither. This mod has some hard to find items, too, but at least there is a chance you will find them in this lifetime.

These are just two changes among many that greatly improve the original game for me. The amount of work put into this mod is just unbelievable. It's not retardedly difficult or complicated, like many of the other mods for this game. And if there is anything you need help with, you can go to the website. It has documentation on the mod, like the Arreat Summit's website for the original, and there is an active forum with more in depth information and the ability to ask questions.

Which brings me to the reason why this got a 9 instead of a 10: the community. Apart from a few nice and helpfull individuals it's filled with trolls, whiners and other insecure nerds. Which would be nothing new for a gaming community on the internet, if it weren't for the fact that the modmaker and admins are no exception. Bring your flameshield if you ever think of actively participating on the forums, you will need it.

But all in all, this mod has me hooked for more than a year now, which is something not many company-made games have achieved, so kudos to Laz for that.

great mod really makes you think more rather than just go in and kill everything. also lost of things to find out. but the storage is too small.

It is a awesome mod, a complete change from my normal gameplay over the classes.

A few bad things such as lack of good decent loot when killing so many enemies and dying trying to get them, and the overpowered Countess on the 1st act.

But besides that, it is one of my fave mods.


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crafted items seem a little useless since honorific items can be cubed with more mystic gems.

runewords may not be the best that they should be.

completing the blood trial for class charm is a little too hard, atleast for me. If I took the time to legitimately play, I could earn myself most of the hard charms including the hard mode charm itself lol.

cube recipes could be more useful if told in game maybe if there were more wisdom gems, which could also be cubed to reveal other things.

too many charms take up space and in-town chest space to bother saving up on kool items. :|

overall a very awesome mod, one of the best d2 mods I've ever played.


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