New skill trees with 210 new skills, new base items, gems, runes, uniques, runewords, sets, crafting improved monster AI and new monster types, elite and heroic monsters, 28 uberquests for advanced characters, 5 challenges. Compatible with Diablo II Lord of Destruction 1.10/1.11/1.12/1.13 (PC/Mac).

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Amazing, I can't play diablo 2 without this

Awsome,It's like playing a new game;) Very well done

This mod is enjoyable, but a bit spammy. I was a little disappointed with the skill trees. The pictures were overwhelming and they were straight vertical and non-overlapping. More like a skill bamboo chute. Still, the powers were cool and it was interesting both in art and concept. It seems like it could use a little refining because, to me at least, some of it seemed a little rough around the edges. I liked that there was a limit to the amount of points you could put in a skill varient from the normal Diablo II because in order to specialIze, you're forced to save points and have your power rise and fall in comparison to the monsters. Alternatively, it also allows your character to diversify more affectively. Overall, the mod was enjoyable. I felt a little like I was playing hardcore when I wasn't, but it made it challenging. Thanks for the fun and please keep making mods and games.

The best mod there is for Diablo 2, period.

it takes forever to load


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it doesnt work


Tehkrad says

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crafted items seem a little useless since honorific items can be cubed with more mystic gems.

runewords may not be the best that they should be.

completing the blood trial for class charm is a little too hard, atleast for me. If I took the time to legitimately play, I could earn myself most of the hard charms including the hard mode charm itself lol.

cube recipes could be more useful if told in game maybe if there were more wisdom gems, which could also be cubed to reveal other things.

too many charms take up space and in-town chest space to bother saving up on kool items. :|

overall a very awesome mod, one of the best d2 mods I've ever played.


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