New skill trees with 210 new skills, new base items, gems, runes, uniques, runewords, sets, crafting improved monster AI and new monster types, elite and heroic monsters, 28 uberquests for advanced characters, 5 challenges. Compatible with Diablo II Lord of Destruction 1.10/1.11/1.12/1.13 (PC/Mac).

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Just getting into things here. First was so stubborn about closed I overlooked this as a jumble pile of mod.
My loss.
Enjoying this alot! Expecially since I can downgrade to 1.12a and use multires mod, skill respeccing feels odd in d2 anyways =)

Just an amazing mod with alot of work put into it. Not much else to say.

The best game as of 2012 I've come to love Diablo II and the mods that have followed and will forever remain loyal to the blizzard legacy.

I have played Diablo 2 and D2 LOD for the past decade or more and have slowly begun to feel like it's too old to want to play no matter how much i await the fateful D3 release this year (holding breath) so when i saw this i was at first intrigued then angered and finally delighted... I was intrigued that such a mod might exist to make me want to play D2 again... then i was angered, they made me start all over with a level 1 and no gear to boot... so i was helpless against these epic foes poking at me... not to difficult just hard enough that i wasn't to thrilled to take on 20 at once, no joke... but then a miricle happened, one of them dropped a sword... i was excited, "Yes! Something to fight back with!" and from there i was able to tame the waves... and an even more amazing this happened... i leveled... i pulled up the skill tree... and what is this?! a Paladin with a skill tree similar to D2 but... warped...?! A paladin with dark skills and holy skills... and a CHOICE?! so i decided to pick the first skill in the first tab... something about a skill that hits enemies periodically... so i assume it means one or two every ten seconds... no... no... it means one a second and walking through crowds of dead minions quickly... i hit level 5 before i finished the first quest and i fought enemies that didn't even belong there... this is a most amazing mod that i am thankful to exist... as it gives me new hope in the Diablo Universe...


Love the mod, alot more challenging and fun. alot more to discover and try out, than the original diablo 2, this is 1 of the reasons i still play diablo 2. thumbs up for median!

Best game ever! Forget entirely the fact that it's a mod, in my opinion this is not only better than Diablo 2, it's better than any hack and slash game I have ever played, and I can guarantee that it has most likely ruined any chance of me ever enjoying Diablo 3 as much as I enjoy Median XL.

The fast paced action, the over the top spell trees, the elite enemies that actually pose real significant threat throughout the game, the exhaustive cube recipes, including upgrading uniques, disenchanting them, etc etc...

I started playing Median XL just this year and it's one of the best games, if not the best game, I have played this year.

The only downside? It makes me absolutely rage when I die!
The fact that it's on Diablo 2 as a mod and has so much particle effects and monsters at the same time sometimes causes unnavoidable lag or lag spikes, can get annoying.
The resolution for diablo 2 in this day and age is damn terrible, so if you want to bring it up you need a separate resolution mod, which actually makes the game easier and allows you to "cheat" with certain champions, casting spells from 10 miles away to kill enemies safely, also if you have this mod you cannot use vs. 1.113c.

The fact still stands that all these downsides are things the mod creator cannot control, and because of that, I give this game 10 on 10.

Absolutely fantastic mod.

Excellent mod. Adds so much to the game, it really breathes new life into Diablo 2.

i need help me dose not wont to work when i press single player a error coms up

Excellent Mod makes game play very interesting. I am a returning player had not played in a few years but love the changes.

Love The Scythe and Hexblade addition though the angel of death skill seems kinda over powered

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