New skill trees with 210 new skills, new base items, gems, runes, uniques, runewords, sets, crafting improved monster AI and new monster types, elite and heroic monsters, 28 uberquests for advanced characters, 5 challenges. Compatible with Diablo II Lord of Destruction 1.10/1.11/1.12/1.13 (PC/Mac).

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Median XL 1.99d for Diablo II Lord of Destruction 1.10-1.11-1.12 (PC/Mac)

Median XL 1.99d

yo awesome picher

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Love the picture, but i have a question. Where can I find the version that i have?

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bottom right/left in main menu.

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how the **** do i download this?

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I think this will be fun im currently downloading now. Cant wait to play. Now the hard part to try and be patient with the download :D.

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i`m very interested in this game mod . I think that it is the best game mod . I cant wait to play .

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ok i have tried replacing the D2Exp MPQ File with the Patch_d2 MPQ file but it doesnt work could some one tell me exactly how to do the install. I tried reading the instructions but apparently i suck, grrr and i bought the game just for this mod PLEASE would someone tell me exactly what to do.

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BrotherLaz Author

You obviously didn't read the docs because A. you didn't install any LoD patch, so you don't have patch_d2.mpq, and B. this did not deter you from replacing an unrelated .mpq file.

Congratulations, you're the 1000th who doesn't manage to follow the 'replace a file' instructions.

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whenever i download this mod, my connection usually disconnected, and after i connect again, i cant manage to resume to download this game, so i start all over again, what should i do? pls help

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BrotherLaz Author

Go to the mod homepage and try another mirror and hope it downloads fast enough before your carrier pigeon connection is eaten by a hawk again?

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Total, utter crap of a mod. Uber quests/monsters/levels are unbalanced and stupid. If I'm ever in a mood for an arcade adventure gameplay, there are better games out there. Characters with Defense of 1.4k, Health 8k, nearly maximum resitances die in a few seconds. Challenge is fun as long as it does make sense. It doesn't here. Improving your character is pointless. You die anyway, unless you figure out some obscure way to evade enemies or find an ingame cheat or something.

By far the worst 100 MB I downloaded in a long, long time. There are some good points in adding new monsters, and items. But on the other hand, skills suck, less then half of them are somewhat useful, and in case of a few classes, you can use roughly half of them, anyway. Ingame help suck - what the hell means "energy factor to spell damage"? No matter what I tried, I've never seen any difference. And authors actually expect people to play this mod for months to get a decent equipment?

All in all, frustrating beyond belief. And with stupid comments in the text files. Deleted. Good riddance.

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Original post ( www(.) /index.php?topic=2309.0 )
(.) ^~~ ~ Delete ^

Hello! I'm Logan, administrator of Cccx, We are looking to expand are community of new and experienced players
from around the world, all playing Median xl. If this is your first time playing Median xl, thats alright drop us a line at the Forums, or feel Welcome! to Sigh up and play.

Cccx what is that?
We are a private PvPGN server that is dedicated to hosting Median Xl 1.99d. That accept's up
to 1000 connections to the Realm and 75 to the TeamSpeak server. are servers are hosted on 8MBs connection's.

What is to be expected from us.

*The Servers will be frequently monitored and maintained 24/7/365.
*There will be No bots, or ads on the Site and Realm!
*That we will be online playing with you!
*We strive for a diverse community of people. - Yes you might have to translate
*That we are there to help you with any concerns or problems.
*That staff and community members are not uptight or selfish.

What is to be expected from you.

*That You have Port forwarding correctly configured for Diablo II.
*Don't Spam.
*Respect others!

Forum Link:

Using Gateway editor

1. Start by opening Gwe (Gateway editor).
2. On the bottom of the window press the "Diablo2/Diablo2Exp" tab.
3. Press Add Gateway on the right side.
4. Type the Name, Zone, and Ip press okay. (Given above^)

and if this your first time connecting to Battle net. make sure to press the battle net tab in Diablo II and then use GWE.

1. Open Battlenet Commander.
2. Press the Diablo 2 tab.
3. Bottom left conner there's ah + sigh click on it.
4. that will add a new realm from there press on your new gateway.
5. Edit the Name, Address, and Zone. (Given above^)
6. Press save.
Mac Users -

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Hi i have downloaded this Median XL mod and i have d2 lod latest version. how do i get the mode started. i have copied the file patch_d2.mpq to my diablo 2 file in my harddrive but i cant get the thing working can someone pls help me

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