About MechMod MechMod is a total conversion of the Half-Life 2 engine and is based on Mecha or Mechs. We have already released a primary Alpha 1.0 version of the mod, which was based on mechs taken from the Gundam and Macross/Robotech series. Alpha 1.0 was a 'test' release which the team put together while waiting for Half-Life 2 to go public, and the Alpha is also considered as a stepping stone towards something much bigger. MechMod stresses the importance of strategy, player reflexes, and teamplay all put together. Whether you want to play fast-paced and go on the offensive, or whether you want to take it easy and concentrate on building up your defenses - MechMod has all the options available for you. The player has the ability to pick from different classes of mechs and customize them to his/her needs and desires. The customization will not only affect the aesthetics of your mech, but also the feel and usage of it. You may support your team by building structures and turrets...

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Mech Mod Open Source

News 5 comments

Taken from the site: Since all planned development for our Half-Life 1 release is complete, MechMod has now been converted into an inactive and opensource...

MechMod Beta: Project Closed

News 7 comments

It has been more than two years since this modification started, and the development team has come a far way in learning new skills and putting their...

Dead? Certainly NOT!

News 3 comments

To start with, no, we are not dead. The MechMod team would like to apologise for not posting updates in such a long while, every voluntary project has...

Some More Updates, 2D renders

News 2 comments

The past couple of months have been very slow, and could be referred to as the "calm before the storm" in the development world of MechMod...

Some Cumulative Updates!

News 4 comments

First and foremost, I would like to welcome Krazyace to the MechMod Development Team. He is our new weapons concept artist, and will be making spiffy...

MM in PC Gamer UK!

News 2 comments

MechMod has been featured in the world's most famous PC games magazine, that's right: PCGamer! The full page article talks a lot about the features...

Outline + 2 Mechs

News 1 comment

MechMod on Half-Life 2 will be nothing like our HL1 Alpha, which was just a test mod created whilst waiting for HL2 to be released. The Outline for MechMod...

Alpha 1.0 Released

News 10 comments

The long awaited MechMod Alpha 1.0 is now finally up for grabbing! Go download it now from our downloads page! < >

Gallery Online + 1 day away from Release


Welcome to Release Stage 3 of 3! No, the Alpha isn't out yet. But 1 day before our Alpha is released, our website has been completed one hundred...

Alpha Trailer + Release Date!

News 2 comments

Welcome to MechMod Release Stage 2 of 3! Firstly, for those of you who missed our interview at the HL2 Release Party on GameSurge Radio, MechMod Alpha...

The Mod of November

News 1 comment

Long days have passed since the birth of the mod Mechmod. When it began, little did we all know what kind of amazing mod it would become. So nicely done...

Showcase Mayhem

News 6 comments

Mechmod is truely making it's way up there, and amazes my eyes everytime they have something new to send in. Well today ladies and gentlemen, they've...

New Earth Map Screenshots!

News 5 comments

One of the mod's friends, Optional, has contributed a custom map to be used for MechMod's Alpha 1.0 release. This map is titled mech_earth and...

MechMod:HL2 Site Design

News 3 comments

Our 2D Artist, SSJS, has completed the design for MechMod:HL2. We will port over to this design after our upcoming HL1 release, since we are planning...

All five mechs complete!

News 1 comment

Firstly, thank you to all the users who have supported our mod from the very start. We expect to see your continuing support and grow from that in the...

Last HL1 model completed!

News 1 comment

As the HL1 version of our mod comes very near completion, the last model has been fully skinned and animated. This nuclear weapon capable mech is called...

Help Needed


The MechMod team is looking for people good in original 2D/3D art. We need people who are good at taking concepts and creating visual interpretations...

Weapon Icons + Class Concept for HL2

News 3 comments

We apologise for not posting any news items for almost a month, but most of our development staff have been busy lately. To start off, Jason has finished...

Alpha Bomb + New Trails

News 2 comments

Jason has been busy coding in new Alpha Bomb effects using his particle system and sprites made by SSJS. Check out these two brand new screenshots for...

New Orb + New Explosions!

News 5 comments

Because of FPS problems with the original Orb, we have dumped that map and Zero has been working on an all new Orb - and it is looking great as of now...

Mech_moonbase Screenshots Released!

News 5 comments

Our mapper Zero has completed one of his maps for MechMod, and it is titled mech_moonbase. This is really a great map, and includes lots of places to...

Mech_Orb + DeathScythe Ingame!

News 4 comments

We have a new map ingame, and it is titled mech_orb, after the Orb scene in Gundam SEED. This map was created by dudeman and the Scythe that you see ingame...

Models spotlight, 3 Wallpapers released.

News 2 comments

We have now released 3 new wallpapers based on 3 fantastic models and skins created by our development team. These wallpapers were made by Mr Smo. Click...

Models Update.


It's been a long time since some news was posted, so here are some updates on progress. - The DeathScythe model has been fully skinned by Mr Smo, and...

New Alpha Screenshots!

News 4 comments

New Alpha Screenshots! MechMod has been progressing a lot, and to backpup this statement of progress - we have some brand new goodies to show! Here are...

Alpha In-Game Screenshots Released!

News 7 comments

After all the waiting, it is finally time to release the first public in-game screenshots! The screenshots are based on our map called mech_rivals. Remember...

New Renders Released


MechMod has been progressing a lot in the last couple of months, and apart from tremendous progress in the code - we also have some Model/HUD renders...

MechMod's First Model


Well, MechMod has finally shown screenshots of it's first model after all those brillian concept art designs. -MechMod Leader < >

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