Mechcommander OmniTech is a standalone game based on Mechcommander 2 shared source code release by Microsoft. A game based in the universe of a great and fun franchise, a game with lots of tactical components and full of possibilities. There is no need for Mechcommander 2 installation nor disk.

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What is new in this release?

The most important changes are for players AI.
Repair truck will now autorepair any of the players mechs if it is idle.
Players mechs will scan area around for any capturable buildings and take capture if capturable building(s) is(are) found.
Players mechs will scan area around for any repair bays if in need of repairs and repair if they find one.
No player unit will use new brain initiative if selected by the player or has "Hold position" order.

Main Menu

Range modifier added to targeting solution. Longer range - lower chance to hit.
NEW Main menu art thanks to d4f_mac

Mission GUIMission GUILonghaul TruckLonghaul Truck

Mechcommander Omnitech 539

Mechcommander Omnitech 539

List of changes since 484

Cement tile set and overlays (roads and runway) by vossiewulf.
8 new cement tiles added.
Number of cements increased.
Corrected terrain tile set by vossiewulf. - priorities for new cement changed.
MAX_SENSORS changed to 300.
More changed tiles...
Max_pilots raised to 255.
New Betty - combination of MC1 and MC2 Betty sounds.
Components Captured sound added to salvage components.
Betty msg repair_complete removed from the code.
Force group bar is not fully visible any more, only Active units (placeholders are removed if there is no unit).
Purchase file errors fixed.
Code fix - calc weapon ranges.
Compbas changed - short range weapons damage raised by 20%. file fix.
Mission briefing text string doubled.
Mission briefing screen can show Mission briefing (green), Tactical Info (red) and Additional text (yellow).
Smoke stopped after explosion for mechs.
Some old sky textures replaced.
Pilot review screen changed. Offsets for resolutions added.
After mission salvage screen changed. Offsets for resolutions changed.
Function autorepair change - repair objects sorted by distance.
Corebrain patrol order fix.
some fixed memory limits increased on init.
Mechs will now go to the location before repair order given after repairs.
Units with hold position on will not use auto scan and auto repair feature.
Pilot health bar above pilot picture. Destroyed mech parts are now gray in icons.Pilot health bar in Info window.
Math for icon damage display changed - simplified.
Logistics screens offset calculations added per resolution instead of reading from FIT files.
New main menu art and some loading screen art changes thanks to d4f_mac.
Support options costs color changed to green.
Support underlying rect is less transparent and cover costs.
Resolution 1280x800 added to supported list.
Mech camera zoom fix in Options and mech purchase screens.
button_layot fix for low res. Load screen load bar coordinates fix.
5th icon color fix.

DisplayResourceTextMessage command - fixed.
Patrol order fix.
Left click is not selecting on force group bar - fixed.
Right click select in salvage window fixed - no camera jump if object under cursor.
No pilots available for hire when loading after mission save fixed.
When mission has skip logistics it can mess logistics screens for the next mission - fixed.
Captured or added to player vehicle that was sensor contact during capture keeps its circular contact - fixed.
Main menu - bug fix on load-cancel.

Many mech.ini files fixed to match animation speed with mech speed by Mad Bomber.
Many mech.csv files changed - mech speed number corrected per BT TROs.
New mech Vindicator - model by Mad Bomber - modified/adjusted for game, animated and textured by magic.
Orion icon flipped and corrected color codes.
Vindicator icon added.
New mech Quickdraw (6 weapon nodes) and icon in place of Locust2c. Locust2c removed from the game.
New mech dervish (5 weapon nodes) and icons in place of urbanmech2c.
Dervish.CSV file changed - added description reference.
New mech Stinger (5 weapon nodes and icon).
Intruder texture redesign.
Dervish, Kodiak and Quckdrow animation speed fixes by Mad Bomber.
Better textures for some mechs.

Karnov prop fixed to use riht texture.
Medium Copter Prop - 3 new colors Brown, Gray and Green. New Cargo Truck.
3 new truck models: Cargo Truck, Flat Truck, Fuel Truck.
Salvage Karnov texture fix.
4 new Heavy Copter Props (Brown, Gray, Green and White)
3 new light copter props - Brown, Gray and Blue.
Buildings Big Component Warehouse, and Parking Garage fixed - should be completely redesigned - incorrect terrain mapping.
New Car model by vossiewulf: new vehicle with RGB texture and 5 new props.
Nev vehicle: Longhaul Truck - model and texture by vossiewulf.
7 new Lonhhaul Truck props by Vossiewulf.

setbrainNew(PartID, brainName);

PartID - number from the editor for buildings, part id for mover (getunitmates(squadID)) from squad ID or -1=self.
brainName - the name of the brain file without extension.

Effect: set new brain file to unit.

3 new abl commands for use with players units brain:
- needsrefit - True if unit needs refit
- scanareacapture(radius) - if idle players mechs will scan area for capturable buildings and capture if any.
- scanarearepair(radius) - if idle players mechs will scan area for repair bay and repair.
pbrain.abl changed - auto scan for capture and auto repair in repair bay added.

New ABL coammand:
setLargetMsg(0,"My Message",10);

first parameter can be 0 or 1.
0 - instant message for the duration of number of seconds (10),
1 - large message box with press enter to continue, in this case third parameter is not important.

Effect: display "My Message" in message box for 10 seconds or with pause.

NEW ABL command: isselected - true if current unit is selected by player - for use in pbrain
pbrain changed. Selected players units will not use new brain routines.

function setobjectivestatus fixed - if successful it will trigger assigned actions.

setfixedbuildingrp(PartID, number_of_resource_points);

PartID - number from the editor for buildings,
number_of_resource_points - integer number of resource points.

Effect: Set Fixed number of RPs to any building and make it capturable. Works for buildings.
Any building set with this command will have fixed number of RPs when captured.

Limit to 4x3 resolutions removed.
Resolution limited to 1920x1080 when higher resolution detected.
New cement tiles added to menus.
Bug fix assigning SquadIds - every new unit added will get correct SquadID number, no more gaps.
Max movers to save changed to 255.
Weather dialog added.
Two more blurbs added (tactical info (red) and additional info (yellow)) in mission briefing.
New large Text message added to objective actions.

Mech Commander Omnitech 484

Mech Commander Omnitech 484

News 13 comments

Possibility for non-linear campaign. Some new mechs, copters, buildings. Project bridge started...

MCO can not start

MCO can not start

News 1 comment

If the game on launch opens the 640 x 480 window, then stays there for a second and disappears try the following: Right mouse click on your Mech Commander...

Mech Commander Omnitech 424

Mech Commander Omnitech 424

News 8 comments

MCO version .424. RELEASED New skills for your mechwarriors: Weapons - long, medium, short range specialists. (your specialists have more chance to hit...

Mech Commander Omnitech NEWS

Mech Commander Omnitech NEWS

News 4 comments

Mech Commander Omnitech 4xx is coming soon. MCO NEWS 08112014

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Mechcommander Omnitech 539

Mechcommander Omnitech 539

Full Version 23 comments

What is new in this release? The most important changes are for players AI. Repair truck will now auto-repair any of the players mechs if it is idle...

Mech Commander Omnitech 484

Mech Commander Omnitech 484

Full Version 11 comments

Possibility for non-linear campaign. Some new mechs, copters, buildings. Project bridge started...

Mech Commander Omnitech 424

Mech Commander Omnitech 424

Full Version 68 comments

MCO version .424. New skills for your mechwarriors: Weapons - long, medium, short range specialists. (your specialists have more chance to hit) Mech preference...

Mech Commander Omnitech 304

Mech Commander Omnitech 304

Full Version 54 comments

Mech Commander Omnitech is standalone game. There is no need for Mech Commander 2 installation nor disk. There is no need for XNA installation any more...

Mech Commander Omnitech 276

Mech Commander Omnitech 276

Full Version 12 comments

MCO version 276. Bug in component purchase screen fixed. New mech model and texture for Shadowcat.

Mech Commander Omnitech 269

Mech Commander Omnitech 269

Full Version 9 comments

NEW - component list box stackable. - Mechs: Stalker, Crab, Firefly. - Vehicles: Bulldozer, Hummer, ACV REDESIGNED - mechs: Nova, Argus, Champion, Blood...

Post comment Comments  (40 - 50 of 348)

Is there a list of known issues?
I had no problems starting it, but I've run into two bugs with the merc campaign, one just annoying, the other making it impossible to succeed in that particular mission.

The first was at the end of the "destroy only the first floor of the weapons manufacturer, then escort the mayor's APC" mission, I had captured the 12k supply points, but the 'salvage' icon was deactivated (only the helicopter icon.. supplies I think?.. was accessible), so I couldn't do the fourth objective and had to wait until the 3 minute timer ran out (at which point I failed the 4th primary objective, but the mission was still a success)

The second is during the prison rescue mission (alternative missions: teach/escort the prince or recapture a ComStar HPG from Kurita). No matter whether I destroy all enemies last or whether I destroy the sensor tower control last, the last primary objective (reach extraction point) and entire mission immediately fails at that moment.

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magicX Creator

First: Do you have a pilot available for salvage? If you dont then you cant salvage.

Second: What of the vehicles you have to protect after capturing the prison? If any of those vehicles die, mission is terminated.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Ouch, yeah, I forgot about the free pilot requirement... My bad.

On the second point, okay, I shold have (re-)read the briefing text more carefully. It's a little weird to have no hint of that part in the objectives list though.

Anyways, thanks :)

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@ MagicX > The UI is pretty much killing the entire experience in my case. That's why abomination.

First: Mech Modification

THE biggest kick in the balls for the UI, the broken drop down menu. The game even nags the user about it: "use the drop down menu" it says. A non existent drop down menu. This incredibly time saving feature insured that one could save and load mech configuration as one needs. Now, each mech must be re-tooled by hand. This alone is worth of being named: abomination. The ability to quickly chose the appropriate tools have been pretty much castrated.


Second: Awkward positioning

Encyclopedia and post mission debriefing screens are an example. This is true for both resolutions I've tested: 1024x768 and 1366x768. At least centering it would be better than the crude state it is in now. It's not a game breaking problem, but the crudeness cuts the eye.


Third: Clipping text

Happens in several areas of the game. Text seems to be cut off in the middle. Not game breaking, but again extremely crude.


Verdict: While the word abomination is indeed very harsh, the UI unfortunately doesn't deserves any milder qualification. It seems like an extremely small thing, but some of the bugs are really hard on the playing experience (I stress the variant menu one once more).

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magicX Creator

Thank you again "Guest"

1. Mech Modification: This combo was removed on purpose. In MCO you have components inventory, not unlimited number of components like in MC2. At first I kept that combo, modified, and most of the time saved variants cant be used for mods because most of them had some component missing. Variant options in the combo list were grayed out when player dont have all required components for it. This was annoying and confusing for most of the players/testers I had in that time.
Besides, how many mods you make in the campaign 100?

2. Encyclopedia is MC2 original, I wont waste my time on it.
Post mission screens are not yet changed, will be in the future.

My plan is to make all logistics screens resolution independent, like mission GUI - all objects aligned by screen edges. That requires a lot of work, time and math formulas...

This is still work in progress...

3. You mean text descriptions are not fully visible for all descriptions. You are right thats un-exceptable. I think I made that some of the fields sizes calculate per screen resolution. It is possible that you can see smaller text area for smaller resolutions.

Well, abomination indeed, you proved that, thank you.

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I don't understand the reasoning for disabling the drop down, still. Unless the drop down crashes the game when mechs are greyed out, there is still no reason to disable it.

For example:

Player A has 3 bushwackers and will do 3 missions. Mission A will have close range enemies, B normal range enemies and C long range enemies.

With the drop down menu, even if unfixed:

- Bushwacker A and B can be quickly switched to sniper. Bushwacker C didn't have enough components and is grayed out during mission A. Bushwacker A and B switched back to normal in mission B. All bushwackers are switched to recon during mission C. This means that some time will be wasted for those bushwackers which are greyed out, but time is saved for those that are not.

Time Wasted due to lack of components: Switching bushwacker C, 1 time (Mission A). Switching bushwacker A, B, C: 1 time (Mission B).

Without the drop down menu:

- All switches, EVEN with enough components, must be done manually. This means using from 5 up to 20 minutes per mission depending on team size, or going in battle underprepared.

- Time Wasted: Switching EVERY bushwacker on EVERY mission.

Judging from that, even if the drop down greys mechs out, it still saves at least some time. Disabling the drop down doesn't carry a positive change, but does remove the small time save bonus, even if this bonus doesn't applies everywhere.

Instead of castrating the feature all together, maybe concentrating efforts on making the graying out less confusing for players could be a better idea: say, text description will say: "Not enough component "Component XXX" in storage". That way it is both less confusing AND time saving.

In the event you still deem a complete mandatory waste of time better than a partial waste of time, I would like to ask your permission to re-enable the drop down menu myself and distribute only the necessary file(s) to re-enable it for those players who desire it back.

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magicX Creator

By all means, if you know the code enough to re-enable this combo and make it do what it should do and work as you described, for variants that are missing components without crushes, please do so.

Please note that any variant change must first remove all existing components from selected mech and place all of them to inventory and after that must remove all components used from inventory.

If the variant does not have all needed components it should not be listed or grayed out in the list. In MC2 you had everything unlimited, mechs, components. In MCO it is like in MC1 and you did not have variant combo there.

If you do this I will be happy to incorporate your code changes to MCO.

And it would be polite to login before posting.

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Just got done testing. Gameplay changes are alright for the most part. I'll run down the positives and negatives that I felt during gameplay. I'll be frank. Harsh, but honest. Strict, but fair.

First, the positive:

- Weapon ranges are handled much better. Long range mechs are actually LONG range now, sniping is an option.

- New components system is worth a try, as is the new equipment.

- Enemies actually seem smarter. Much smarter.

- A better, streamlined pilot experience system. Nicely done.

Now, a few negatives:

- While there were a few legitimate moves to increase difficulty, artificial difficulty is also present. Reducing resources is an artificial difficulty decision. It's not much harder to play the game with less resources, but it's much less diverse. No spawning artillery, no hijacking necessary mechs, no scouting with a chopper ... Just like C&C4;. Extreme dumbing down of the entire resource game. At this point, all resource caches can be pretty much ignored. Luckily, the original campaign can still work with normal resources, though.

- The new UI is absolutely worthless. It is buggy in strategic part of the game (description tooltips get cut off all the time) and the tactical portion (It's extremely hard to view Resource Points inside a mission, half of the sentence "Resource Points: XXXX" is clipped into the upper part of the screen). Moreover, the UI feels very "naked" and incomplete. Too much empty spots. That is only cosmetics though, unlike text clipping, so there is no rush about that. I'm going to try and replace this ... Abomination ... With something else. But it was a very huge kick in the balls.

And there we have it. Overall, I'd give a rating of 6.5 out of 10. Would be 8.5, but the EXTREMELY buggy UI (as described above) brought the score down pretty much by itself. Don't let this discourage you, and instead continue working and improving. Good luck. Cheers.

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magicX Creator

MCO mission GUI pic posted above.
It needs border art around tacmap and pilot roster. All texts are in place.

Why is this "Abomination", can you please explain?

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magicX Creator

Thank you "Guest"

Reducing resources - you may have noticed that you can take all your c-bills in mission and get back all you do not spend at the end of the mission. With clever resource managing you can have more options for in mission support, totally independent from what mission designer created.

UI worthless - what is your resolution? Please post a screenshot of your game GUI somewhere.
It needs art, true. General idea is to make most of the screen space available for gameplay.

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