The goal of "Max Freeman" is to combine Max Payne and Half Life for a fun sci fi experience in a noir setting. Playing as Gordon Freeman, you will encounter terrorists, zombies, special forces and many other classic enemies from the Half Life universe. The mod is almost complete, i've been working on it during my days off and it's going very well so far. Expect a christmas release for the first version.

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This mod advertises sci-fi gameplay in a noire setting. What it delivers is nothing but skin changes and the base Max Payne. It can be amusing for a time, but other than that this is a waste of your time.

RichardGreenlambda says
10 RichardGreenlambda

Jan 15th, 2014

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Phantron says
8 Phantron

Jan 3rd, 2014

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santiesteban77 says
7 santiesteban77

Oct 9th, 2013

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Light_Kill says
10 Light_Kill

Jul 8th, 2013

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MaxTeky says
10 MaxTeky

May 11th, 2013

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santiagochi says
10 santiagochi

Dec 27th, 2012

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Cossack-HD says
10 Cossack-HD

Nov 3rd, 2012

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Vin_disel says
7 Vin_disel

Jan 15th, 2011

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sdafsdfasd says
10 sdafsdfasd

Sep 22nd, 2010

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