After the climatic end to Matto3, Jack Carver is back and out for revenge against the man who shot him. Matto4, the next mod in the series by the Mattomedia team, picks up where Matto3 left off in an all new action adventure. Taking full advantage of the powerful Cryengine, Matto4 includes: A feel good, fast-paced and gripping storyline. New characters brought to life with fresh voice acting and custom animations. New weapons: Walther P99, Benelli M3, Steyr Aug, H+K mp7's and a few extra surprises. Fun game play ideas such as the shootable fire extinguishers which blind AI and launching gasbottles like rockets! Detailed and atmospheric level design which takes you from swamps to high tech labs, sunny beaches to thunder storms, underground sewers and old mines. Typical Matto humor in the form of hidden content, cheesy dialog and gimmicks. Mattos world deviates from FarCry's in that Jack Carver is an agent for the CIA working on location, undercover. With some help from his friends...

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Matto4 Released!

Matto4 Released!

Jan 4, 2007 4 comments

Description: One of the most awaited Single-player modifications for Far Cry - - is ready to be played by you, after about a year and a half of development...

New Farcry Mod Final Release Approaching!

New Farcry Mod Final Release Approaching!

Dec 27, 2006 8 comments

is in the final beta stages and will be released very soon. Here's a few screens: A fun video showing off a new feature...shootable gas bottles...

Patch 1.1 Released!

Patch 1.1 Released!

Jan 26, 2007 4 comments

After some time of bugfixing, it's finally done. Matto4 patch 1.1 is now available. We didn't fix much, although there were a lot of people who had problems...

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