Master Sword, a first-person MPORPG mod for Half-Life, was first created in 1998 by Dogg and Evaan. For over a decade now, dozens of developers have come and gone, contributing to and expanding the project. When Steam came about, the game looked doomed. But then, in 2005, Kuroneko combined forces with several members of the original team, as well as many new ones, and managed to update it for use with Gabe Newell's new beast, giving the game a full makeover in the process. Since 2005, we've gone from 11 maps, to over 50, from two spells to over twenty, from a dozen weapons to nearly a hundred, and added litteraly thousands of monsters, NPCs, quests, and features.

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Sep 21st, 2009

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Sep 19th, 2009

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Jun 5th, 2009

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Jan 12th, 2009

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Dec 25th, 2008

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