HD Textures, Adds Factions, Heroes, Units, and Buildings, Enables Themes in the Game , Contains Special Launcher with Awesome Features, Enables 3 Optional Hordes Styles, Supports Multiplayer, Contains lots of Cool Changes to Game System

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A for effort but the mod has too many problems as it is. Income buildings are pathetic when it comes to churning out income, too many creeps, factions feel underdeveloped at times. And the mod's balancing only takes the fun out of the game by making it slower, and more annoying. I was hoping for more. I guess I will just have to wait for the Edain demo to come out instead.


great mod


very nice mod, The Launcher is amazing, I think it is the best launcher in ModDB, and it is currently the best mod for BFME2 Style, This mod also have amazing Themes !! and nice Factions and lots of added heroes and I think 4 more added Factions

you deserve a good rating because you are very busy with your mod and you constantly update it to make it better and better.Loving the new gameplay but the mod has very few new features. For example you should add new heroes, new units, new powers for units, models and new factions etc


Rozsomák[HUN] says

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Good mod with lots of content




I've tried it a while back and I really enjoyed it then. Trying to get it working right now and the dev is a freaking saint when it comes to helping. Will prob. raise it to 10 if he succeeds.
He succeeded in proving that I did not try everything before I asked for help, damn "Launch as administrator"!

Does not work. It will not patch, when trying to launch the version you dl, you crash all the time. And then you can't even uninstall the game or mod. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS MOD! It is cancer for your copy of RoTWK.


Now, this website thinks I need to give a reason for giving this mod a 9/10. How silly. Is it not obvious? It is almost impossible to make a perfect bug-free mod that fits everyone's desires, but you can get darn close. Just as this mod has managed to do. Darn, I gave a reason there. Forget what I said and just keep on going with your normal, boring old lives. I will go cry in a corner while playing this mod.

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You Are The BEST!!!!!!

Mar 31 2012 by Rohirim91