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11 comments by Lord_Setesh on Feb 11th, 2015

So with the rapid progress we have been making the last several weeks, I wanted to do an update to show you and demonstrate exactly whats to be expected with this glorious upcoming release. I want to start by introducing ARC, I would elaborate further but she is perfectly capable of doing that herself.

ARC will be almost constantly communicating with you in-game giving you updates, and telling you of galactic events.

On to the asset updates. Cerberus is almost done in terms of ships. Since the last release we have added 3 more Capital ships to each faction, as well as replace all the stock ships left in Cerberus. Each ship in game has been given its own respective voice overs courtesy of MEDiscovery who has been working overtime to help get Cerberus done! I spent two weeks updating all the skins on the Cerberus ships to better emulate the ones seen in Mass Effect. Included below are some simple before/afters for two of the ships that have undergone the update process.


With new bloom shaders that we have been provided the ships now have that pop that has been missing for so long.

Included below is a small playthrough/Interview I did with Gul_Dukat of SA3 that includes A LOT of the changes that will be included the following update.

We are releasing Version .3 Onslaught on
February 21st, 2015

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Dawn of the Reapers: V .3 Onslaught

Dawn of the Reapers: V .3 Onslaught

Feb 21, 2015 Demo 61 comments

Version 3 of Dawn of the Reapers, Please enjoy and keep in mind this is still an Alpha.

Dawn of the Reapers V .2

Dawn of the Reapers V .2

Aug 31, 2014 Demo 84 comments

Second release of Dawn of the Reapers, comes with a ton of updates almost too many to list.

The Sacrifice of the 55th

The Sacrifice of the 55th

Sep 19, 2012 Other 31 comments

Just the script to the live action trailer I hope to have enough time to work on sometime in the next few months.

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DarkAssullt Mar 12 2015, 2:12am says:

I have an idea that I would like to run by you guys. For when you get to the Reapers would it be at all possible to give them a ability or affect so that when they are bombarding or "Harvesting" a planet they get a bit of extra resources to simulate like they have processing centers on the surface.

To balance this you could have it only be applicable in Reaper culture covered areas, in this case though instead of culture it could be renamed Indoctrination.

In a similar vain, Cerberus could have it's culture renamed to "Infiltration" and the Council could have "Influence."

I.E. = You cannot colonize this system due to high levels of (Cerberus Infiltration), (Reaper Indoctrination), (Council Influence)

Just a thought I had and wanted to share.

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Pandemonium_Reaper Mar 12 2015, 6:47pm replied:

Agree with this idea, DarkAssullt

+2 votes     reply to comment
Martechi Mar 12 2015, 4:32am replied:

I love that idea! It's one of the greatest things about an ME mod, that there are so many possible gameplay-things that could fit to the lore! I think the devteam will have some hard time to decide wich things they really want to implement and how to balance this stuff.
In addition: I think it would also be nice to rename the planetary upgrades for each faction. I don't think cerberus would build "infrastructure" to increase logistic points. there would most likely just infiltrate more companys and install agents in fitting positions to grant them more ressources.

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Martechi Mar 10 2015, 6:27pm says:

At the moment it is just too amazing to play with this mod and thinking about all the possible things that could be made in the future. So, here's another question, that you guys quite certainly already thought about, but I didn't find an answer yet, although I didn't had the patience to go through all the comments. So, here it is: are there any plans to include any kind of "hero" system in the game? I mean..who wouldn't love to have hackett himself commanding the fith fleet ingame, or maybe let oleg petrovsky lead the charge on the omega-pirate base himself. That would be awesome!

Also, I ask myself if there will be some kind of "event" research ingame. For example the Babylon 5 mod for sins had some special events in the history of factions as research, that had certain effects on the gameplay. maybe for example for the council species, the "wonder of palavan" would unlock boni for turian units, or the new rise of tuchanka could provide capitals with krogan boarding units. stuff like that could be an amazing source to make the game even more connected with the ME games and lore. Together with the fantastic work on maps going on in this community, this mod could truly become the strategic reincarnation of the mass effect universe.

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Shockmatter Mar 11 2015, 4:03am replied:

The only actual "hero" unit in-game is for the council faction and it is an irreplaceable Normandy SR-2 frigate That you have from the start.

As for your second suggestion; we currently have in our public release random events, Aria's pirate mercs and in-universe artifact finds. Babylon 5 is outstanding in its right, but Dawn of The Reapers has its own vision of the Mass Effect Universe, a vision that you'll consistantly see move toward completion.

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Levia18 Mar 10 2015, 5:22pm says:

I just want to help your work and please don't get me wrong.
Today I played with Cerberus, and I made one of the titans, the super capital. I was watching how does it shoot with it's laser. I didn't know where the laser beam is came from. From the middle of the ship?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Shockmatter Mar 10 2015, 5:29pm replied:

For now, yes it fires from the middle of the ship. Thanks for pointing that out, it's probably just a weapon hardpoint error. Fear not, it won't be permanent.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Martechi Mar 10 2015, 7:21pm replied:

I think so far you guys did a good job at the effects and stuff and I think especially with mass effect it is hard to set the hardpoints for weapons and stuff, because lorewise and as far as we see it in the actual ME games, we don't really get such detailed information about the weapons on these ships and where they are sitting at. At least as an amateur thats how I imagine it:D

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Admiral_Chris_Rayya Mar 10 2015, 7:23am says:

I'm about to start construction of the entire Mass Effect Milky Way Galaxy for sins, every single star, every single planet, and every damn asteroid, and every damn mass relay in their correct positions according to the galaxy map with the correct relay links. This is going to be a HUGE map so you may need a powerful computer to play. Just letting you guys know that you will soon be able to play in the galaxy that mass effect should be played in, the entire Milky Way galaxy!

+7 votes     reply to comment
Levia18 Mar 12 2015, 10:52am replied:

I'm curious about the moons and the Kuiper objects in the Sol system.
Will you add the Moon near the Earth, or the Phobos and Deimos to Mars, and the Triton to Neptune?
And the smaller ojects, like Eris, Pluto, Sedna or Xena?

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Fatman1017 Mar 11 2015, 10:52am replied:

they did that in SoGE. a mad with over 400 planets and because of the limitations of the sins hardware it is very unstable and has lots of lag, even with LAA enabled.

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Admiral_Zaal_Koris Mar 10 2015, 6:44pm replied:

maybe, if the map is to huge for the system to handle, you can divide the galaxy by sector and each sector would have its map? Like Terminus system, Outer, Inner Council and Alliance system with their proper star systems and planets?

+4 votes     reply to comment
Dutch_Gamer Mar 10 2015, 12:53pm replied:

nice, could you pm me if you´re finished then we can maybe plan a mp game :)

+2 votes     reply to comment
Levia18 Mar 10 2015, 12:10pm replied:

I think you should slice it to clusters, in altogether it would be epic huge.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Lockerd Mar 10 2015, 10:15am replied:

I attempted to do this, even managed to subsize the planets and divide them by wormholes.

problem with this was the map was too huge, the game engine can only comfortably handle 130 planets and 1 star anything more than that and the gap for play closes real quick. I tried to play with 200 planets and found the game to be unplayable on my main rig.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Martechi Mar 10 2015, 9:55am replied:

This sounds AMAZING! But also like a lot of detail work. Are the factions going to have all the lore-wise colonized worlds already? I think a map this big could be almost impossible to play anything alone. maybe there will be some kind of "multiplayer version" where several players can play smaller parts of the factions, to make it all more managable?

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Admiral_Chris_Rayya Mar 10 2015, 12:40pm replied:

I'll make a few variations of the map. Some with empires already started (human, turian etc with colonies) and others were i have just removed systems entirely to have only the worlds seen in each game. if the map is to big i will cut it up into different pieces like human space vs council space, terminus vs council, human vs baterian etc etc.

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Pandemonium_Reaper Mar 10 2015, 7:02pm replied:

I've attempted to create a Universe combining the Mass Effect Galaxy with other Galaxies (Halo, Homeworld, Star Wars, etc.) and it was the biggest massive map I've ever created, there's like 50 or more stars with 1-5 significant iconic planets each as accurate as possible, big in memory but managable and worth it.

How can one simply travel to another star system other than jumping through wormholes or stars? Providing a connection to a planet directly to another planet from a different solar system is possible.

In like 4 hours.....every faction in the universe is amassing massive fleets to beat the hell out of one another.....and then we Reapers decided to crack the party and everyone decides to unite against us and lasted for 4 days and we won :)

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Admiral_Zaal_Koris Mar 10 2015, 6:46pm replied:

never mind my previous comment, i think divide the map in different space/sector would be nice. That would be nice to play in a realistic terminus system

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