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Cerberus Sherman Frigate Main Menu for next release Cerberus Siege Capital In-game
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16 comments by Lord_Set on Apr 28th, 2014

State of the Mod: Post Alpha V.1

With our first release and getting some absolutely amazing feedback from you guys, we have begun filling those holes in the mod to really create that level of immersion that you (the fans) expect from us. In this State of the Mod, we will be covering new voice overs to rid ourselves of those pesky stock voices. As well as updated tangent models for our ships (to fix those shadow issues.) As well as give you guys a chance to ask the devs questions regard future development and help shape this project.

Let me be the first to welcome MEDiscovery to the DotR Team. With that being said we have some excellent audio taste tests to share with you guys. Now Cerberus right now is our main priority because they are the most complete. What I have done is uploaded a few audio/sfx clips to SoundCloud to share.

Voice Overs/SFX

Right now the four clips I have uploaded include an updated Mass Accelerator sound effect, Picket Cruiser(Female Voice), Heavy Cruiser (Male Voice), and Cruiser (Male Voice.) This is just a small taste of whats to come though. We plan to do some serious overhauling before our next alpha release so that you guys will have even more fun. For those interested I have included his Youtube channel below where he gives indepth tuts on how to recreate voice overs for almost every race in Mass Effect, some really awesome stuff.

Tangent Maps (Shadowing Fixes)

One of the unforeseen side effects of converting to rebellion was that we didn't anticipate having to do tangent maps. For those who don't know what tangent maps are, they are essentially something that gets attached to a model that dictates how the shadows fall on the model. Most of you noticed while playing the Alpha that shadows don't look quite right. Well we have begun to remedy the problem with some awesome help from Myfist0 of the Sacrifice of Angels 2 mod for Sins. Down below I have included a small example to show exactly how much a difference it makes in terms of appearance in game.

tangent demo

The Difference is night and day, we have been testing in game recently and can't get enough of how much better battles look with the right shadows. So a week out of our first release, we have seen nothing but positive feedback/criticisms. We hope with each successive release that you folks help us find all those little bugs we might miss in development.

Here is your chance guys, after playing our first official release what do you guys have to say? Got any good ideas? Post your questions and Lockerd, Skyline, and I will do our best to answer those questions and get back to you. With our first release that makes you all part of the team, help us to create a better mod and experience for you our loyal fans!

Your Fearless Leader

- Set

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Dawn of the Reapers V .2

Dawn of the Reapers V .2

Aug 31, 2014 Demo 79 comments

Second release of Dawn of the Reapers, comes with a ton of updates almost too many to list.

The Sacrifice of the 55th

The Sacrifice of the 55th

Sep 19, 2012 Other 31 comments

Just the script to the live action trailer I hope to have enough time to work on sometime in the next few months.

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kyle_katarn67 Nov 1 2012, 6:45pm says:

About the turian frigate if you watch the worst fleet battle scen watch the destroyer land on that turian ship. Now destroyers are 150 meters in length right? and cruisers are about 300 meters right? Well that ship it landed on would've been way too big to be a frigate yet you call it in your design a frigate. Its not a frigate thers no way to deny it and the fact that in most cutscenes its the same length and size of the alliance cruisers. Im only pressing this because i hate to see a ship of its normal class downgraded to a frigate stature. No ignorance included this is a totally friendly post. Not to mention the fact that one of the models you get in ME 2 and 3 is a turian cruiser. It has the design you call a frigate. Your frigate is simply a turian cruiser(again totall friendly)

+3 votes     reply to comment
Reaper_Armada Nov 2 2012, 7:49am replied:

I agree with this.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Shockmatter Nov 1 2012, 10:44pm replied:

The Turian frigate, cruiser, and dreadnaught share the same design but have very minor differences. Hard to spot without looking at it in detail. Your concern is appreciated, but we know what we're doing.

+1 vote     reply to comment
kyle_katarn67 Nov 2 2012, 4:01pm replied:

Im just saying even if they have differences the oneyou use as a frigate has been displayed as a cruiser non the less little details or not. The model you get even says cruiser. Regardless my point is that the one you call a frigate is still desgin wise and technically wise a cruiser (again totally friendly

+1 vote     reply to comment
Centurian128 Nov 1 2012, 10:35pm replied:

The thing is though that the same model is used for every class of Turian ship. In the models that are collected they're calls cruisers, but there is that model that Zaeed has and it's the same one as depicted in Cmdr. Shepard's display case but Zaeed calls it a frigate.
The way the models are set up now, with each design being slightly different but remain aesthetically the same [hope I'm using that word correctly] is probably the best way to go.

+1 vote     reply to comment
kyle_katarn67 Nov 2 2012, 4:06pm replied:

look at the battle of the citadel from the very beginning you can see numberous variants of turian ships. Theres a wingless and then theres the cruisers. not all have the same exact design. But the current frigate being used is from what they've seen in the games and no matter how many times they curve around it its still with no doubt a cruiser. Theres so many ways to tell in the game. again look at palaven when you watch the fighters fly by are you telling me that over sized ship they went past was a frigate? it was too big to be one yet too small to be a dread. Im not trying to be critical about this but its a cruiser point blank no way around it. (again totally friendly)

+1 vote     reply to comment
harbinger87 Nov 1 2012, 9:58am says:

There was some minor damages here in Michigan on the west side due to wind but aside from that the storm dissipated enough over here to do minor if not any damage. Thoughts go out to you Nor Easters.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Reaper_Armada Oct 30 2012, 11:48pm says:

Happy Halloween everyone. (I know its not Haloween in your countries yet but by the time you guys are awake I'm asleep). Hope everyone will have a good time despite the terrible Cyclone.

+6 votes     reply to comment
Shockmatter Oct 31 2012, 12:11pm replied:

Thanks for the thought, but i believe Halloween is canceled in my part of the country thanks to Sandy.

+1 vote     reply to comment
revan111295 Oct 30 2012, 1:45pm says:

from what I read and seen in tv situation in U.S.a looks nasty I am glad that I live in Uk but I hope thinks will get better soon. I also hope that all of you and people to you are safe.

+3 votes     reply to comment
starfox37 Oct 31 2012, 2:48am replied:

Yeah I know what you mean, some how our two super islands (England and Ireland) have avoided hurricanes. If global warming has its way though I worry about what might happen.

+1 vote     reply to comment
degtayrev Oct 31 2012, 6:24pm replied:

You don't have to worry about global warming doing anything, the whole thing is a natural trend that has been happening since the beginning of time. For example this heating cycle has been happening since the 1840's, and the world was hotter in 1000 AD than it is today. There are petrified plants UNDER retreating glaciers as well. The whole thing is a natural process started by increase in the sun's activity, with CO2 levels rising an average of 600 years after the sun's activity increases. Basically the whole thing with the hype is another UN power play.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Lockerd Oct 31 2012, 6:34pm replied:

actually a popular theory which is still being claimed as "Ridiculous" is the eco mending system, the earth has a sensitive eco system which "corrects" whatever is corrupting it, except we are the ones who are corrupting it so it tries to get rid of us.

but like stubborn insects we entrench ourselves and survive each onslaught.

in the immortal words of George Carlin "the earth will be here loong loooong loooooong after we are gone and it will mend itself a million times over as if we were never here."

"we are nothing but a small needle in time to the earths massive haystack."

yes we cause the climate crisis currently in effect, but the phrase "safe the planet" is just saying "save the current state of plantlife, or we will have no place to live and breathe"

+1 vote     reply to comment
degtayrev Oct 31 2012, 7:40pm replied:

I don't think that this is the proper place for a debate on global warming, so feel free to PM me if you disagree, and Lockerd, I will send you a PM.

+1 vote     reply to comment
revan111295 Oct 31 2012, 8:10pm replied:

Meaby its not place to debate such stuff but why to complain at least somethink is going on, on this website.

+1 vote     reply to comment
degtayrev Oct 31 2012, 8:14pm replied:

I prefer to debate by PM anyways, especially since the reply system is screwed up, it makes it kind of difficult.

+1 vote     reply to comment
revan111295 Oct 31 2012, 8:21pm replied:

well...convertation like that is better than rude argument startet by me or someone else.

But I get your point and PM is bit boring in my opinion

+1 vote     reply to comment
degtayrev Oct 31 2012, 8:42pm replied:

I agree that debates are better than arguments. I prefer debating in person anyways but since I doubt anyone here lives close enough to do that it's just not an option. If you're actually interested I can copy and paste what I sent Lockerd and send it to you.

+1 vote     reply to comment
revan111295 Nov 1 2012, 10:26am replied:

no thanks

+1 vote     reply to comment
Wolfrahm Oct 31 2012, 4:04am replied:

It's unlikely for England and Ireland to ever get hit by Hurricanes, Mid-latitude cyclones are much are more likely. Here in South Africa we experience a few.

+1 vote     reply to comment
revan111295 Oct 31 2012, 5:31am replied:

Yeah you right far as I remember from geography lesson UK is in the middle of tectonic plate and most cyclons and earthqueks hit the border of tetonic plates.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Wolfrahm Oct 31 2012, 9:12am replied:

Tectonics and cyclones have little to do with each other.

+1 vote     reply to comment
revan111295 Oct 31 2012, 11:03am replied:

well it looks like I must have to slep trough most of that lesson.:)

+2 votes     reply to comment
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