Mass effect 1 Texture Overhaul, shadow engine fix, and visual effects enhancements.

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This modification to the first Mass Effect game, alongside guides and tools provided, allows a new and high-definition experience to the game, allowing me to replay it and feel it is on par with its successors not our of merit for its time of release, but holding up without feeling dated and needing a lower set of standards. Mass Effect 1 has become worlds more enjoyable for me, and with the upcoming release of the mod that removes dependency on the TexMod client alongside improvements and expansions to the available content such as the redone N7 armor, I feel that this mod will continue to make replaying the entire continuity of the Mass Effect Trilogy an enjoyable and more core experience, bringing the games closer together in their level of fidelity.


Feckin amazing.

I changed my vote around this mod to congratulate the modder in his superb effort in making this mod the best mod for ME1.

Excellent work!

I really loved the non texmod version of the mod. Definitively a working masterpiece!

10 out of 10 not because the range the mod covers, but the quality of the content. It's a must have without a doubt, so much pros and no cons.



Makes a in some parts dated looking game highly replayable.

Updates the graphics of a game that very much deserves it. Not simply an update, this texture enhancement is a labor of love. For ANY fan of this game or Mass Effect in general. A MUST download!


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