Mass effect 1 Texture Overhaul, shadow engine fix, and visual effects enhancements.

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Long time fan of ME, just brilliant to see it getting the justice it deserves. Finally the aesthetic of the game isn't let down by the texture resolutions! :D

Such Space
Much Sad
Very not Mass effect 3

Best Mod Ever.


Must Get.

only 10/10


This brings Mass Effect 2 and almost ME3 quality into ME1. I nafct I think I saw a couple of things from ME3 (like Alliance Officers uniforms?)


Amazing work!

As far as mods go this one has given me the most joy of all mods i played for all games...
I would not be able to play mass effect 1 with the original graphics, thanks cdmjc for bringing mass effect into 'the modern age':)

on a side note.. there do appear to be some bugs with some people but it being the first texmodfree release it sure seems a solid mod and it is still being worked on and improved.
Perhaps a more detailed step by step install/troubleshooting guide is nice.
Most information can be found on but i couldn't find the link on the modpage here on moddb ;) maybe a good idea to put that link here somewhere?

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