Mass effect 1 Texture Overhaul, shadow engine fix, and visual effects enhancements.

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Tremendous job done here! With this mod the game looks absolutely fantastic, and for that CDAMJC has my gratitude. Mass Effect fans will not forget you.

Excellent... it looks really great, thank you so much, this really enhanced the experiences!

PD: Sorry if i don write very well the english, i'm spanish.


100% stable and awesome, now that I followed the instructions in the readme.

Great texture overhaul. The difference is most noticeable on Garrus, but I really liked the admirals uniforms as well and Benezia is really sharpened too though you don't see her much. Improved Wrex texture was nice too. Now that the mod is stable it's a direct improvement over the default that I'll never be without.

The shadows are a little blocky but this is obviously an engine problem, not something thats the modders fault. You can make it milder by increasing the depthbias, (something the readme mentions).

My goodness this mod has allowed me to return to this quite dated yet awesome game, making it look even more polished and brand new.

A must have? Hell yeah, even with the large download. They are improved textures after all.

Well made mod, gives the original Mass Effect the look it should had from the beginning - well at least on the PC
All the work with the mod is well done, though it still needs to be "polished" in some parts (such as Altahe and Noveria)

Brilliant mod that brings ME1 closer to ME2/3 in visual terms. There is nothing bad I can say about this mod.

One tiny thing I noticed is that Kaidan's teeth now seem to appear dirty brown/yellow for some reason, but the mod creator was kind enough to look into it and clean them up as much as he could. That is literally the only thing I did not like.

Other than that the quality of the textures is amazing, the difference in npc clothing is brilliant, and the amount of work this must have taken is enormous. The mod creator definitely deserves all our thanks for this brilliant project, as well as donations imo. Bioware could learn a thing or two from this mod.....

I would have given more like 9.5 but my account was just Created. This is a really great mods. Make the game looks Beautiful and in the same style as the sequels. Without forgetting the easy installation with music game picture Really professional. I wish you would do the same for mass Effect 3 because the actual PC version is less good looking than mass effect 1 with this.

Gorgeous mod, top marks all around. breathes real life into the old girl.

Awesome work, the game look so great, better than most of commercial "HD port". The game even looks better than ME3! Easy to use, install version that does not require any modding skills or use of "memory consuming" software like texmod.

Really hope that someday, ME2 & ME3 will have the same treatment ^^

With this mod playing the game is like playing for the first time again. Awesome! Thank you.

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