Mass effect 1 Texture Overhaul, shadow engine fix, and visual effects enhancements.

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Definitely, this fixed my only problem with Mass Effect-- the textures that looked worse than anything should. This fixed that and made this the start to a wonderful gaming experience, which feels much more like it should. Thank you!

After playing the trilogy through, I was still itching for a replay. When returning to Mass Effect 1, it was pretty shocking how different it felt. Not only was the combat strange in comparison to the more streamlined sequels, the game actually looked pretty dated (this coming from someone who has no issue with the graphics of Neverwinter Nights, the first one). However after messing around with the Texmod based solutions, I eventually decided the twenty minute launch time and frequent texture glitches weren't worth the enhanced visuals. This mod finally grants the best of both worlds, superbly enhanced textures and no launch time increase! Thanks for giving Mass Effect the textures it deserves! No, that sentence isn't referencing the ending debacle... :P

the perfect mod for ME 1. i only have 2 problem when i was doing a playtrough i came across some "black holes" (missing textures) and the loading time has increased a bit

The game is way more pleasant thanks to those new textures, and fortunately the graphics artefacts don't waste the game. Thanks !

This mod is just fantastic! it gives the game a so much needed face lift.

With these textures the feeling of the game is much better than before- Great! The installation and setup is relatively easy but mass effect games aren't easy to mod.


Improves the general look of textures significantly and prolongs the lifetime of a game by a great margin! Highly recommend to anyone who still plays Mass
Effect religiously and is looking for an enhanced experience.

EDIT: I have used this for what almost 2 years now and I love. I can't stress enough how more enjoyable has this mod improved my Mass Effect experience. So, what are you waiting for?! GET IT NOW!

P.S. Don't forget to rate it too! :)

Well crafted and lore friendly texture mod for Mass Effect 1. Gigantic amount of work was put into it so you should definitely try it, even more with new easy to use installation process.
Great work, CDAMJC, looking for more updates, you inspired me to finish my texture mod for a few armours and guns in ME1.

This mod made Mass Effect 1 even more immersive. It is the one thing which made my Mass Effect trilogy replay unforgettable. Thank you for making this!

(This mod is still greatly supported by it's creator. He is still very active helping people. which is a big plus!)

Nice textures also changing models will be awesome ,its still ME1 but better and sharper this is one of the must have mods.If you reconsidering play again ME1 instal it!Nice work thanks.

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