Mass effect 1 Texture Overhaul, shadow engine fix, and visual effects enhancements.

Report content M.E.U.I.T.M. part 6 12/06/14
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Jul 29th, 2013
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Mass Effect Updated/Improved Textures Mod (TexMod free version) This is the latest version of the mod, it is a direct install, extract ALL 7 parts into the same location of your choosing and run the ME1UITM.exe and follow prompted instructions. Make sure to direct the install to your MassEffect folder. You may have to re-setup your graphics settings and .ini tweaks after install, this only needs to be done once. To further improve shadows clear your shader cache using MassEffectConfig.exe, the mod installs some tweaks to the actual shaders and will now render shadows more similarly to ME2. Most of all...Enjoy

The full version with latest updates as of 12/06/14




-Soft Dynamic Shadows by Daemonjax @ the Nexus sites
-Altahe fully fixed now all rachni related crashes now resolved
-Male HD eyebrows added on humans
-Some female HD eyebrows added (ones I felt needed it)
-More salarian NPC clothing re-textures
-Asari NPC faces more detailed
-Backwards Earth Fix when on moon
-Femshep face shine reduced
-Kaiden teeth whitened, and eyebrows returned to more vanilla look (less bushy)
-Udina's hair mask was misaligned causing odd coloring along the hairline, this is now corrected.
-Cleaned up some NPC clothings (sheen on Asari dress, and the underline of the breasts on the Consort dress/outfit which many NPC's also use, removed the blatant line and replaced it with more subtle shading.

-Fixed crash on Altahe when exiting facility, crash was due to incomplete/corrupt Rachni texture


-Fixed Feros and other crashes due to Gethtranport ship texture being too large.
Mod has been tested on every planet, every elevator, and every main "boss encounter"
no crashes found during testing :)


-Normandy Chair glitch fixed and greater overall stability achieved by using new ME3Explorer and
minimizing duplicate files


-N7 armors and human faces have full mips so no more shimmer (note this will cause low lod in the
character create menu just get through the menu and the armors and faces will look normal in
game, there is currently no fix except for removing mips which causes shimmer
-Splash screen will now fit 720p displays and not be oversized
-Many many cosmetic fixes on NPC clothings, drop shadows, misalignments, etc...
-Anderson seam on face in certain lighting
-Human teeth have been straightened and whitened a bit
-"GI Jane" hair style restored if you liked the bald "Jack" version it will be available via .mod or .tpf

New stuff :

All pre 03/17/2014

-Full Subtitle Universal Language Support!
-Full DLC support!
-Benezia fully redone
-Geth fully redone
-Fixed Asari eye glow (for real ;))
-New Volus texture
-Council holograms now fully re-textured
-Final Saren fully redone proper
-Sheploo now with more detail based on ME1 feel and achieved using Vanderloo photos for reference

-All human faces now use highly detailed normal maps
-Human female faces toned down for shine under certain lights

-C-Sec armor tweaked a bit, toned down the logo and slightly tweaked shading
-All of Tali's armors fully re-textured
-New Geth transport ship texture
-Ash's Phoenix armor lights tweaked
-Turian medium colossus properly retextured
-Nhilus's Phantom armor fully retextured
-More NPC clothings added, all touched up as mentioned above (minor visual fixes)
-Geth hoppers now smooth and non-blocky
-Film grain made more visible now really close to ME2 look
-Dancers retextured
-Reporter re-textured
-Husks re-textured

Please report any issues and I'll work them out best I can.

Thanks for using the mod :),


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M.E.U.I.T.M. part 6 12/06/14
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CDAMJC Mar 23 2014 says:

I just uploaded fixed versions of the new mod, apparently the chairs on the normandy had the black texture glitch and I missed it on in my initial testing. Now I have corrected the issue by compiling a new mod with a newer version of MEExplorer to which also helped with stability issues.

Also one setting in the bioengine.ini that really helped hitching is:


Also ultimate shadow settings which may hurt performance (I didn't notice a hit, but my rig is overkill):


ShadowFilterQualityBias=4 (can go up to 8 but I couldn't notice a difference after 4)

So I played with the values and explored what other games were doing, particularly Batman Arkham City where the "16" came from
also the last setting makes the best difference to smooth out shadows.

Remember to clear shader cache after installing the mod to remove the "dot" shadow effect.

So feel free to play with these settings but this is what I am currently using and find it a good compromise between realistic shadows and "glitchy shadows"

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