this is my first story I've written custom. In the story there is no real story, but just some. The point here is simply to have fun and to scare.. I am from Germany, I'm sorry for my bad English. You can't find it under the Category download? I've some problems with the upload, sorry.

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it was really fun



I guess it was okay but not really my cup of tea.


sarahholmwood says

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I dunno. I found the whole story lame, and exagerated...
spent like 15 minutes warching for an imposible key in the thing's little door. ¬¬ the part where the man is flying, from all the way across the town and... ugh -.- I give it a 5


This story was just awful, in my opinion. You start off in the same typical room that just about all these stories use. But this time you get to see two naked men in a lovely sexual position on the bed. I knew this mission was going to be awful from that point on. Then there are the oil jars that are way too freakin' unrealistically huge. Then there are more flying naked men and cheap jump scares. Not good.


this made my day

nice cs

its good


Loirinha says


roby5102 says

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