This is an addon now released for Amnesia: The Dark Descent. It allows you to play as your choice of one of the 6 main characters of My Little Pony in both the campaign as well as custom stories.

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being a fellow brony, and recently getting Amnesia: the Dark Descent, i felt like I should make some modifications to the game. I happened to come by this, and I thought: Why not? so far, I'm really enjoying it, and whenever I play it, I feel like I'm not playing as Daniel, but as one of the Mane 6. So to the people who made this mod, very great job, and by all means, keep going at it.

This mod is AMAZING! I flipped out when I saw this because I was so excited to try it! The mod didn't fail me. Its an amazing mod everyone should try. 9/10 because I encountered a few puzzles where I couldn't find a key on a high shelf because I was so small. My friend, (who doesn't have the mod) found the key right away after I looked for a few minutes. Otherwise great mod. All the sounds were exactly as I imagined the creator would put in. I especially liked it when Rainbow yelled, "HELP ME!" XD. The height of the character is great, just like I thought a pony would be like. I recommend this mod to anyone, fan of the show or not.

i really love this mod, the only thing bad is that the creator forgive the mod i dont know if it really forgive it or it just that is busy with other things or is trying to upgade it.

It's about darn time!! I have been waiting for a pony mod for Amnesia for a long time, and at long last, it's here! This mod has made the Amnesia experience a lot better playing as a pony. Voices are great, footsteps (or in this case, hoofsteps) sound like I am one of the Mane 6, and the fact that I am now smaller in size makes me feel even more helpless than I was before. I will leave the rating 9/10 for any future updates but so far, I have not found any flaws.

Creative mod, will download


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