This is an addon now released for Amnesia: The Dark Descent. It allows you to play as your choice of one of the 6 main characters of My Little Pony in both the campaign as well as custom stories.

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Kill me.

Why would you even

This is just...why waste time to make the world worse?

No... Just.... No...

Unnecessary's not even a real mod.

Pony in Amnesia..

i will try to say this in the less hated way possible. If you are young and like my little pony then ok...but if you are in your teems are older, come on people. GROW UP! I honestly dont know how else i can state what i am trying to say. I played the mod so dont spam me with "i hate people who waste their time hating on stuff." I am not trying to hate for no reason. The story is great but people who are teens or older need to grow up and really stop liking my little pony...what is the culture of a good fandom going to. AND to avoid pointless spamming of a proper opinion, i will not read or respond to replys

Seriously, no one likes having ponies thrown into everything. You should feel bad for even creating this mod.

Not because of bronies, because it dosent seem to do much beyond a sound pack and camera lower, plus the egotistical creator who views anyone who hates his show as a loser.

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