This total conversion aims to recreate the upper Shinra tower as shown in the 1997 RPG Final Fantasy VII in full 3D.

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looks really good, great textures and all. And looks really cool when looking down over midgar
(bug that I saw)
the door in the first video @ 01:00 goes over the wall when opened

And finally a question: Will you be remaking some of the animations? Because I don't like the pistol aiming in fallout3 at all... you don't shoot from the hip...

Anyway, great videos

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JigsawPieces Author

The door at 01:00? Do you mean the emergency exit door? That doesn't open - it teleports you to the stairwell cell or, if you're in the stairwell cell, to floor 59. I'm not aware of any doors going over the walls...

As for animations, I'd love to make new ones for everything! But, as Neomonkeus said it's pretty unlikely at least for the foreseeable future. I do plan on learning to animate at some stage though. But since it's currently only me I really want to prioritize finishing off the existing areas ;) I agree though - some of Fallout's animations aren't to my taste. SMG shooting with one hand... what were they thinking! :P

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No I mean 1 min into this video:

okay :P Maybe you'll get some help by someone if you're lucky >_<

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JigsawPieces Author

Oh I see. Yeah, that video is from when I was first working on 59. The door doesn't do that any more.

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Neomonkeus Creator

Again those are work in progress videos, the issue with the door clipping has been rectified in the initial release.

It is highly unlikely that the default animations will be replaced as they are not really a priority, unless he feels so inclined.

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This whole scenery, while still being pretty much unfinished, together with this great music make me want to play FF7 right now.

Unfortunately I can't at the moment, so shame on you for bringing this great game back to my mind ;)

Keep up the great progress!

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Here's a video showing the current state of the mod as of Jan 31st, 2012. I might upload a video like this for each month to go with the news article.

If you're interested, some older WIP videos can be seen on youtube:

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