The Maelstrom Mod introduces three new races to the Sins of a Solar Empire Universe. They are independent of the original races and have unique strengths and weaknesses. Maelstrom is available Rebellion, Diplomacy, Entrenchment and Original Sins.

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Sep 23rd, 2011 0 people agree 7 people don't

2 points for new races.
2 points for good modifications (voice, pictures, skins, etc)
1 point for the thorough content
1 point for the dreadnought idea

This mod... as interesting as it is, I will never use it ever again til it's balanced. The new races are so over powered, even fielding a starbase would not stop their fleet, what's up with that?

Their capital ships can attack more than 2 targets at once? Even with Diplomacy, at most a capital ship can attack is 3 targets with the Pact from Vasari and this Alliance capital ship is attacking FOUR targets. Not to mention it destroyed a starbase on its own. Even if the starbase only had base armor and health, that's over the top.

Next up is the Dreadnought, ok, another capital ship. However, no information of how much logistics (fleet command, etc) it takes.

And the final piece is I do not like how this mod messes up the stacks at the left. Normally capital ships are always first on the stack but this mod puts them at the button so now I have to sift through my numerous frigates just to get to my capital ship to use its abilities or run?

I'll give this a passing grade just because of the amount of detail given but the thought put into it... not so much. Everything is just broken about the new races, frigates > capital ships... awesome.

Nolo9 says
6 Nolo9

Apr 12th, 2015

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marqmaff says
6 marqmaff

Apr 23rd, 2013

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Santiaga says
6 Santiaga

Jul 6th, 2011

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karljacent says
6 karljacent

Aug 18th, 2010

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