The Maelstrom Mod introduces three new races to the Sins of a Solar Empire Universe. They are independent of the original races and have unique strengths and weaknesses. Maelstrom is available Rebellion, Diplomacy, Entrenchment and Original Sins.

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Aug 14th, 2012
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Highlights Rebellion (Release 1) Models - Dreadnoughts for the original races - Dreadnought factories for original races Planets & Stars - Imported Planets, Planet effects and bonuses from previous Maelstrom mod - Imported Stars, Star effects and bonuses from previous Maelstrom mod Other - imported Dreadnoughts from previous Maelstrom mod - imported Pirates from previous Maelstrom mod - imported Dangerous Asteroids from previous Maelstrom mod - included Giant and High Tech planet research into research tree of original races Games improvements - integrated TSOP into Maelstrom


Setup for Smooth Gaming

* Sins Rebellion Patch v1.031

Required Effects Settings

* Planet : Detail - Highest
* Ship : Detail - Highest, Extras - High , Bump - Low
* Building : Detail - Highest, Extras - High , Bump - Low

Optional Settings

* Show Mesh Team Colors - Off
* Show Cargo Ship Icons - Off
* Show Planet Elevators - Off
* Use Colored Skyboxes - Off

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Maelstrom Rebellion v1.031 R1
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chaosmarine113 Aug 15 2012 says:

<3<3<3<3 YES, YES, YES!!!! Im so excited to play this!!! <3 <3 <3

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soase-maelstrom Author
soase-maelstrom Aug 15 2012 says:

This is just a partial mod, it includes Maelstrom

- Planets
- Stars
- Dreads for the original races
- Expanded Pirates and Dangerous asteroids

It doesn't include any of the news races ... for the next releases

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GhostEdge Aug 15 2012 replied:

Will the new races have Rebel and Loyalist divisions?

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soase-maelstrom Author
soase-maelstrom Aug 15 2012 replied:

Yes ... all things being equal

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DarkSajuuk Aug 17 2012 replied:

I can only Imagine the Replicators with Rebels and Loyalists.

+2 votes     reply to comment
rkraptor70 Aug 15 2012 replied:

EAGERLY waiting for that one.

+1 vote     reply to comment
DarkSajuuk Aug 16 2012 replied:

Well as much as I wanted this I'm going to hate the Dangerous Asteroids.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Kolbosa Nov 6 2012 replied:

Could you give me all the new text to translating?

+1 vote     reply to comment
soase-maelstrom Author
soase-maelstrom Nov 8 2012 replied:

What was the last version of Sins and also Maelstrom that you had translations for?

+1 vote   reply to comment
rkraptor70 Aug 15 2012 says:

Is this for Diplomacy or Rebellion? Cause Desura says it's Rebellion.

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soase-maelstrom Author
soase-maelstrom Aug 15 2012 replied:


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mikey1871 Aug 15 2012 says:

is the check-sum supposed to be 218738913 for rebellion release 1 for v 1.031?

+1 vote     reply to comment
soase-maelstrom Author
soase-maelstrom Aug 16 2012 replied:


+1 vote   reply to comment
Melkart Aug 17 2012 says:

Thanks for this! I was not expecting it to be ready so soon.

+1 vote     reply to comment
malanthor Aug 17 2012 says:

Great stuff Soase. How are you going to spin the rebel/loyalist factions? I was thinking the replicator loyalist is evil-wipe-out-all-organics with the rebel then beeing more willing to live alongside the others and norlamin loyalist is peacefull non violent while the rebel may be more aggressive and violent, trade alliance loyalist is well.. a trader so really dont know what their rebels should be. The opposite of trade would be taking and stealing stuff i reckon. Harh Harh, we be pirates then. :P

+4 votes     reply to comment
DarkSajuuk Aug 17 2012 replied:

I agree with these ideas they were kind of the same ones I was having lol.

+2 votes     reply to comment
I-Threnna Aug 19 2012 replied:

Same here ^^
I wanna play as Replicator Rebels (if that's how they will be) :D

+1 vote     reply to comment
DarkSajuuk Aug 21 2012 replied:

If thats how they will be, I'll be playing as the loyalists, I love blowing stuff up! :D

+1 vote     reply to comment
soase-maelstrom Author
soase-maelstrom Aug 19 2012 replied:

sounds good ... generally more warlike rebels as apposed to developed of the classic race traits for Loyalists i.e TA "trade", Norlamins "research and culture", Replicators "population and production"

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Aenarion_(jasperz0r) Aug 25 2012 says:

I found that in the diplomacy version of the mod the Norliman ships where a little under powered in early game compared to the other races, you'd need to do some research before you could actually stand a chance against the militia/pirates, let alone the Trader Alliance or the Replicators so maybe buff up their attack/defense a bit, also, maybe another nice idea would be the option to capture a derelict ancient ship, one that's severely OP, something that just screams "rape time"

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chronus1326 Aug 25 2012 says:

Very eagerly awaiting this, you guys are great! I did love the Battlestars though from previous versions, the new models are good/great, but still...Battlestars

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Wraithlord_Zeratul Aug 30 2012 says:

Damm.. I very eager to wait for the release of the maelstrom rebellion newer version...^^

But I have some questions: (0.o)
1. What happend to the TEC, Advent and Vasari 3rd titan(titans in old maelstrom version)?
2. Do Norlamins, Replicators and TradeAlliance have loyalist and rebel?
3. How does the dreadnought system do? I mean is there a limit in dreadnought construction, same like titan? Come on let face it, it is horrible when enemy have 20 dreadnoughts...><
4. Where does Norlamins, Replicators and TradeAlliance older titans (Norlamin Nocturna Titan, TradeAlliance Damocles Titan, Replicator Helleria Titan) belong to? Loyalist of Rebel?
5. Is the Replicators Orbital Thumper overpowered? Cause when I use them, three Orbital Thumpers destroyes Norlamins level 10 titans in just 30 seconds!!!

Well here are my suggestions:
1. Dreadnought limit be 2, so wouldn't have an overkill fleet. Don't worry, dreadnought capital ship capacity still be 1.
2. Instead of using antimatter, why don't use credits, metal and crystal to construct dreadnought?
3. Can you made such that each factions have different dreadnoughts same like titan and corvettes? Like TEC Loyalist have their own dreadnought with unique texture, attack and ability while TEC Rebel have their own dreadnought ,like this:
TEC Loyalist - Octinev Dreadnought (Old Version)
TEC Rebel - Octinev Dreadnought (New Version)
Advent Loyalist - Ashlaria Dreadnought (New Version)
Advent Rebel - Ashlaria Dreadnought (Old Version)
Vasari Loyalist - Oraumilus Dreadnought (Old Version)
Vasari Rebel - Oraumilus Dreadnought (New Version)
(What type of dreadnought belongs to is based on the dreadnought design, JUST my opinion!)

Well there all for my questions and suggestions, hopefully you'll answer my questions and accept these suggestions.
Anyway I'm happy to see that Rebellion finally have maelstrom mod...=)

+2 votes     reply to comment
soase-maelstrom Author
soase-maelstrom Aug 31 2012 says:

Hi Wraithlord_Zeratul,

Thanks for the interest shown in the Maelstrom mod with your detailed questions and suggestions.

To answer your questions
1. I like to minimize changes to the original races. So the old Titans may be reused for content in the new races.
2. I will be releasing the new races one at a time. For R2 the Norlamins will enter arena of play. Yes the Norlamins have both factions.
3. To achieve balance for all players, on such a large and powerful ship, all players receive a Dread at the same time. They are spawned every hour or so ... from your comments you imply seeing 20 dreads, is that one enemy of a group i.e do you really play 20 hour games in R9 (D,E,O) or R1 (R)?
4. My suggestion is play ... and see
5. Thanks for letting me know, I'll look into the balance. From memory the Thumpers have about the same firepower as a Starbase.

Regarding your suggestions
1. Can't be done ... its a game limitation. More precisely, I could limit it to 1, but after that no
2. To keep balance when playing a AI race, antimatter is the best way
3. Let me first get ALL the new races in the game ... which may or may not be possible ... before adding additional content

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Wraithlord_Zeratul Aug 31 2012 says:

Thx for the answer

1. No. My point is, because the dreadnought factory sent one dreadnought per hour, like you said, but it keep 'phrase in', even thought the capital ship capacity reached the limit. So in theory enemy (or my fleet) can have 20 dreadnoughts, if the 1st one doesn't been destroyed.

So my suggestion is:
limit the dreadnought capacity (although i like to have 2 dreadnought limit so i can have 2 dreadnought at my fleet, but 1 dreadnought can do also)


set the dreadnought factory antimatter to zero in the begining of the game

2. For the Replicators Orbital Thumper, you said that their average damage is same like titan... So that's the point! 3 Thumpers destroyed enemy titan, AND it is level 10! With such high firepower, if i meet them, the only way to defeat them without loosing any units is to sent bombers and don't bring fleets directly towards them. Unfortunately AI is not human... so no fun after all if the mighty titan easily destroyed with just defences platform. Overall: the average damage is too high for a defence platform.

3. Since you working on Norlamins on the release of R2, maybe i can give you some suggestion:
- from the summary the Norlamins is a peaceful fraction, unitl the war came. They mainly focus on peaceful alliance and research tech(much like Advent).

- For the Norlamins loyalist, they still focus on their advance research and alliance. So their titan mainly focus on protecting allies and own fleet, their research mainly focus on diplomacy.

- For the Norlamins rebel, due to the war, they think that waging on war were the only way for them to survive. So their titan mainly focus on attacking multiple units at once and damage increasing dramatic. Their research mainly focus on the damage to the enemy.

That all... but i have to ask what is the old version titan passive ability 'titan control'? This ability pop up upon the arrival of the titan.

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soase-maelstrom Author
soase-maelstrom Sep 3 2012 says:

Hi Wraithlord_Zeratul,

"So my suggestion is:
limit the dreadnought capacity (although i like to have 2 dreadnought limit so i can have 2 dreadnought at my fleet, but 1 dreadnought can do also)"

One or infinity are the current options. What I have done in R2 is increased the cooldown time (1.5 hours) and reduced the Dread strength and SuperDread ability

2. I understand your concern ... as I said I will look into this balance ... when I will import the Replicators into Rebellion.

3. By the time you sent me the post I had already finished the Norlamins. Have a play and tell me know what you think. I will not be altering the Norlamins (unless absolutely necessary) until I finish importing the other 2 races, i.e I want to get the majority of the content in the game before I fine tune it.

PS: 'titan control' is the ability that limits the spawning of the Titans to one.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Wraithlord_Zeratul Sep 3 2012 replied:

In that case, I rather have 1 dreadnought than infinity dreadnoughts(although anyone else has other to say about this)

Thx for the answer, I give you comment after i play it.^^

+1 vote     reply to comment
XtremeRoflcopter Sep 5 2012 says:

Time for 1337 Sexay times on rebellion with this mod!

+1 vote     reply to comment
EbonvsTerran Jun 15 2013 says:

all i have to say is i love this mod :) soooo much. Especially the Normalins i love the voice over for them :D

+1 vote     reply to comment
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