Firstly, allow us to get this out of the way: L.U.R.K. mod is no longer in active development, and we're launching a new project on Unreal Engine 4.

For a long time now, a lot of you have been asking about L.U.R.K. 2.0. Truth be told, we were enthusiastic about the future of the mod, and all the recent developments in the STALKER modding community were extremely promising. Within the past few months, we've seen the release of the much-awaited Lost Alpha mod, as well as the source code leaks for both SoC and CoP.

We were spoiled for choice, and took a step back to reassess the direction of the mod, now we had so much more to work with. Despite all these new and exciting developments, we kept having to face the grim reality: no matter what, we'd still be working with half-broken tools, shoddy SDKs, and messy code just to make it all work.

Relatively recently, Epic Games launched their new Unreal Engine 4 on a new subscription model, making it accessible to many indie developers putting their foot in the door of the games industry. Some of us who already hold game dev jobs were already working with UE4 and enjoying its power and usability immensely, which made going back to STALKER development all the more frustrating. So in the end, we made the decision: we're going to march into the future, and carve out something from scratch. A new game that serves as a spiritual successor, but without all the shortcomings and buggy workarounds inherent to working with STALKER's engines.

This decision was based on a lot of factors - with the amount of assets we've made for LURK, we can painlessly move them over to UE4 to have a solid foundation to work with. We'd also be gaining a lot of relevant experience working with UE4, so even if we fail, we'd still walk away with something we can take into potential future careers.

However, it's still sad to say goodbye to the project that first inspired us to become developers, and I hope that you all understand that we don't make this decision lightly. L.U.R.K. has been my baby for over three years now, but now is as good of a time as any to move on to bigger and better things.

Keep on lurking, fellow LURKers. We have great confidence in the STALKER modding community still, and we know that you'll all find enjoyable mods still being released into the future for this great game series. Expect to hear from us again about our new project sometime soon!

- Panzerdraco
Team LURK Lead Manager

First footage of in-game music in L.U.R.K.

First footage of in-game music in L.U.R.K.

1 year ago News 31 comments

In this video you can see the first footage of triggered music in the game. After leaving the bunker, you'll hear this tune.

A Key Element During Stormy Weather

A Key Element During Stormy Weather

1 year ago News 12 comments

Daemonion describes his approach to interior audio during storms, as a teaser of sorts to the full Dev Diary 12.

Music in L.U.R.K. - Yannick Zenhäusern

Music in L.U.R.K. - Yannick Zenhäusern

1 year ago News 12 comments

Yannick talks about the new way we're approaching musical cues in L.U.R.K. and also shares some of his methods for composition.

Do you like thunder? I sure like thunder.

Do you like thunder? I sure like thunder.

2 years ago News 19 comments

Daemonion provides some insight into the long awaited 12th Sound Design Development Diary regarding how he'll handle rain, storms and weather in L.U.R.K...

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L.U.R.K. 1.1

L.U.R.K. 1.1

5 years ago Full Version 140 comments

The latest installment in the versions of L.U.R.K. for Shadow of Chernobyl.

L.U.R.K. Patch 1.0552

L.U.R.K. Patch 1.0552

6 years ago Patch 13 comments

Latest Patch made for L.U.R.K. version 0.9, brings it to Release Candidate 1.0552. Includes all previous options and features from previous patches.

L.U.R.K. RC 1.05 Full Version

L.U.R.K. RC 1.05 Full Version

6 years ago Full Version 99 comments

This pack includes all the previous releases up to this point with only one installation needed. Please follow the Readme supplied for installation instruction...

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Lord_Santa Oct 7 2009 says:

a rather hard (but true) realization hit me, when I finally decided to star t L.U.R.K. over (once again)
in the beginning of the game and until I reached Wild Territory for the very first time; I had been playing with the ("vanilla") 40 kg. weight-limit
then I realized all the artifacts, I just "had to" have
thus I raised the weight-limit to 90 kg.
I have played the game all the way to NPP-zone-from-Stadium; and gone back to Army Warehouses; and I am currently walking around in my Exo +so many artifacts, that it's... not even funny
my bulletproof cap is above 150%, due to artifacts; thus I do not get hurt by bullets.
I am carrying around a ridicoulus amount of 5.56 for my gun +all "the usual stuff"
I am not only a lean mean killing machine. I am as rich as I will possibly ever get
I can buy basically anything; and I can kill anything
the sport of the game is over for this character; and I have but myself to blame
I realize now "why" the 40 kg. limit; and I hate myself for doing so
it does not only ruin the immersion, it completely outbalances the economy
it is time for another restart of the game; and this time, I'm going "vanilla" - L.U.R.K. style
I seriously doubt I will be as bad-*** ever again, but it was... "fun" trying it out
as a side-not however; I was able to get a Stalker suit, before entering Cordon "with" 40 kg. weight-limit; it took a lot of hunting and a lot of questing; and "that" was the most interesting part of this mod, thus far
the knowledge that I've truly, utterly "earned" those 90,000 a Stalker suit cost

+3 votes     reply to comment
ryeguy146 Oct 8 2009 replied:

It feels good to have played the game through with the realistic limit and to have finally purchased the exo. I still rarely use it, but it's fun on occasion. Kudos to you for having realized. Immersion is what keeps a game interesting and enthralling. I love sneaking around in a STALKER suit and sniping at a distance with the Vintorez. I initially resented the 9x39 ammo weight as you did the weight restrictions, but it really makes the game more challenging. Instead of having a one size fits all kit, I outfit according to my mission from my repertoire of earned weapons and armor. I'm glad that more people are realizing just how unbalancing a high weight limit is. I really wish that they wouldn't have included that option myself.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Lord_Santa Oct 8 2009 replied:

I do realize Immersion in games is vital (at least for me); this is why I have complained about the fact that the cross-hair is still present

unfortunately I "have to" have the HUD up at times, due to the fact, I cannot see if I'm bleeding or not, whilst not using it

I am going to look into how I can truly "minimize" the HUD; since just removing the mini-map, is not my idea of "minimal HUD"

I don't want to magically "know" how many bullets I have left, unless I look into the back-pack; the health-bar and stamina-bar, "may be" vital to some; but I think it fills up to much space

IMHO the only things which should show on-screen (beside the already small-sized compass); is the "effects", which occur (i.e. radioactive, bleeding, psi-damage, hunger, etc.)

the rest should be completely removed, or at least an option to do so

I personally never play with cross-hair in any FPS; since I don't like it; I do realize it's as simple as pushing a button in the menu in order to remove it; but it completely ruins any kind of immersion, being able to point a gun at any given person and in an instant recognize friend/for/neutral

it should not be "optional"; there should be no cross-hair, period: in the same way there is no mini-map, period.

the reason I increased the weight-limit, was due to "realism"; but considering that not very much of the weights applied (according to a lot of people) are correct; I do realize that the default weight-limit and weight of items, is necessary: not for realism, but for economy and balance

although I wouldn't mind an artifact or two available, which change your weight-limit by a couple of kg.'s as in Clear Sky; but they should be extremely rare and hard to find; and of course only be able of (all in all) increasing your carrying capacity by 10-15 kg.

but now I'm rambling suggestions; so I'm heading for the forums instead ^^

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ryeguy146 Oct 8 2009 replied:

You're completely correct. I shouldn't have said realism, but balance. As for a HUD, I like small transparent symbols to show me when I'm bleeding, or experiencing psy, but I really do like the idea of not knowing my ammo without consulting my backpack. I really don't need to, I keep my clip full almost all of the time by reloading incessantly. Because of my play style, I usually don't use that much ammo anyway. Vintorez and a Hunting Rifle all the way.

I am with you on the artifacts though, I'd love to see more artifacts with various effects. It's really the only area where you get to customize your character other than loadout.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Tex1090 Oct 7 2009 replied:

I was pretty different, I played with the "casual" weight limit after it came out, and now I dropped it back down to the "realistic" weight limit (restarted my game of course), and I carry these:

1x Seva Suit
1x M4A1 + silencer + scope
1x 9x18 pistol + silencer
150x 5.56 rounds for M4
100x 9x18 rounds for Pistol
5x Medkit
10x Bandage
2x Anti-Rad
and 2 artifacts, 1 with -8000% bleeding, and the other with +600% health.

This puts me at about 29.7-30.2/40kg. It works out nicely.

The only things I loot are ammo when I'm low, and I go artifact hunting a lot to make money. I currently never drop below 80,000ru :)

So far the whole mode has been a great experience.

+2 votes     reply to comment
ryeguy146 Oct 8 2009 replied:

I love hearing about other people's usual loadout. I'm a bit different, I rock the following:

Freedom's Stronger Suit (Can't remember the name)
Vintorez + Scope
Hunting Rifle
Glock (I use this as my "machine gun")
9mm Silencer
30 x 9x39 Ammo
50 x Shotgun Shell
150-200 x 9x19 +P Ammo
2 x Medkit (Any flavor)
3 x Bandage

All depends on my mission though, sometimes I go with a decidedly more 'forward' approach with a heavy machine gun and an exo. Usually, I'm pretty damn lightweight. I carry a lot of artifacts though. Two souls to regenerate health when not in battle. A Mamma's Beads, two Flashes, and a Crystal or two to deal with radiation and a Mica for bleeding. Playing on Master level, of course.

While "lurking" I usually loot one larger machine gun of the most common caliber for the mission that I'm on and ammo, plus any artifacts that I come across. I use a highly mobile and stealthy play style. Snipe until they know something is up and then sneak around to another perch to pick off the rest. Hunting Rifle for any 'wildlife' I come across. I find that two blasts of well aimed tight spread buckshot does nicely for most bloodsuckers.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Tex1090 Oct 8 2009 replied:

I as well follow the aspect of a highly mobile and stealthy play style, I haven't run across a good sniper to use, but the M4 with a silencer is a great weapon to use. I'm about 20 hours in and haven't gone into the red forest yet, so I'm doing a lot of hunting and artifact scavenging to make money and strengthen myself.

As for other load outs, I have a few shotguns and other assault rifles in a few stashes, 1 in the bar because it's in the center of everything, easily accessible, and I also have on at a camp in Army Warehouses to use as I'm currently staying in that area. It usually changes to what the mission I'm on is as well.

+2 votes     reply to comment
ryeguy146 Oct 9 2009 replied:

Have you hit up the Vintorez in Freedom's Base? After the bridge, turn left and it's in the last building on the left. It takes a bit of practice to aim properly with the subsonic rounds, but I actually like it better, and the weight of the rifle is nice and low. It's my favorite gun in the game, and once you get used to arcing your shots according to distance, you can knock off targets at 400m or more with no problems. It isn't nearly as accurate as other sniper rifles, but the wight is MUCH more manageable.

I joined up with Freedom, so the Bar is a bit difficult to get through. I hit up duty for my last play on 0.9, so I figured that I'd give myself a new challenge.

+2 votes     reply to comment
ryeguy146 Oct 9 2009 replied:

I wanted to correct my post, but see that I cannot. Damn. I'm not sure what unit of measurement the numbers on the ingame rangefinder represent, but I'm moderately accurate to ~200. Whatever 200 is. I'm sure with more practice, I could hit further, but something around 200 or less is my usual range with the Vintorez.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Tex1090 Oct 9 2009 replied:

I had forgotten about the Vintorez in the base sadly, shame on me after all those play throes I've done. I'll have to grab it and give it a shot, I was never too fond of it back then but now with my weight limitation I may find a good use for it.

I wish there were more variation is scope/sight attachments, such as Red Dot sights, Trijicon and such. It would make the set-up of gear I'm wishing to have much more possible, and add a different aspect to the sense of CQB firefighting.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Tex1090 Oct 9 2009 replied:

Crap, had forgotten to add one thing. Do you happen to have a STEAM account ryeguy146?

+1 vote     reply to comment
JayFKay Oct 7 2009 says:

I am really impressed by this Mod. It looks and feels fantastic and ironically perfroms even better than the Complete Mod while looking more detailled and overall just BETTER, a lot more crispy.

9001/10 points, clearly.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Lord_Santa Oct 6 2009 says:

made it to the Stadium in Pripyat all the way to level-changer; then I decided to go free-roaming

Pripyat is about as buggy as ever though; with only 2 save-spots (carefully planned); and about no quick-saves

after going "back" through Pripyat, however, as the "zone-war" was escalating, in that everyone tried to reach the center of the zone; was pure hell

there were corpses everywhere; and there were all factions all over the place

it took me about 12-14 CTD's before I could finally get back to Red Forest

mind you; I am not trying to point finger and say anything bad here, on the contrary

Pripyat felt more alive than ever; and the fact that I opened up the path the center, was really noticeable

I found a way to exit (finally); by turning on static lightning, everything at minimum; and walking backwards as I used the binoculars staring as far away into "empty" space, as possible

once I got through; I had 4 pseudo-giants on my tail; and lo and behold, in front of me, there popped up yet another 2 pseudo-giants; add to that monolith and military; and a heap full of rats; with me and my 2 medkits +Exo-skeleton; and yeah... I had a blast

I do realize that Pripyat IS the most buggy place in the zone; and there is still "lag"; albeit not nearly as much as expected

all in all; I'm doing my "free-roam" now; finally making it back to freedom-base; albeit it did take me about 2 hours to get from zone-to-NPP-back-to-Freedom-base

I really wish you guys would at least insert zone from NPP-back-to-Pripyat; since there are some things I'd like to have back at my free-roam (an artifact or two, etc.)

mind you; I play at "master" level, with no cross-hair; it may sound like a walk in the park, but you guys truly made "master" difficulty, being "master"

thank you

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