The L.U.R.K. team wants to provide the best possible experience from Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl, we don't plan to skew the scope of this game, because I, like many others, fell in love with the game because of the story, the realistic gameplay, and the atmosphere. I plan to preserve and improve on that concept to the best of my abilities, and our team has vowed to do so as well. Which is why we took it upon ourselves to provide that experience. We want to fulfill a niche that's otherwise unfulfilled in the modding community. We want to bring as many features to Stalker without damaging or changing the original theme of the game. While improving upon that concept with features that were dropped off the development cycle from GSC, such as stealth AI, and a strong foundation for balance, as well as dynamic A-Life, and an unprecedented visual presentation that no other Stalker Overhaul can touch.

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Why is this Mod so Broken? (Games : S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl : Mods : L.U.R.K. : Forum : Questions : Why is this Mod so Broken?) Locked
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Jul 25 2012 Anchor

Ok i usually have no problems installing anything but this MOD is apparently the MOST un user friendly of all time. why is there a constant XR_3DA crash or NO ENTRY POINT crash EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU TRY TO RUN IT?

on top of that the "official" instructions for installing it make absolutely no sense. at all.

can someone for once, for the record. set this straight?

thanks for the helpful responses. since this mod was such a fucking piece of broken shit. i have decided to dump stalker in the trash altogether. fuck this mod.

Aug 28 2012 Anchor

I've known your rage.

Whenever i want to do a LURK run of STALKER it becomes obvious that i have to dedicate my entire day to tweaking the mod to be playable.

My first gripe with it is the 35kg weight limit and 40kg cap. Before you start calling me a casual and how the vanilla 50kg-60kg weight limit was unrealistic, try to look at the bigger picture : the delicate game balance that the devs spent a lifetime stringing together, like in any game. They made medkits and bandages a certain weight not only because of realism, but because of balance. The 35kg weight limit topped with equipment that weighs a ton even if you just sprinkle a medkit here, a handful of bandages there and maybe 3 mags is ridiculous, plain and simple. It doesn't do realism justice and it certainly isn't fun or challenging, it's annoying.

Any veteran stalker out there will be raging when they realize they can't gun run for money anymore, they can't do stealth pistol runs because even that is too heavy on your stamina ( not to mention being unable to use artifacts for stamina )

So i have to spend hours modifying the weight value on fucking everything from bread to 9x18 ammo so i can bring the game back to vanilla standards, then i remember armor gets shredded within seconds because "durr realism" even though that again does not account for game balance or how ridiculous it is to spend 900000 rubles on a suit then having to toss it in a bin after a bandit sneezes on you or a dog bites your leg.

And who could forget the weapons, i certainly wouldn't because they're very strange indeed : an AK-74 will recoil into the sun if you so much as think of pressing your mouse button while the MP5 has no visible recoil at all; with a bit of investigating you will figure out which weapons aren't recoil crazy and earmark them while ignoring all the rest, brilliant design (flaw) or, i could spend a few more hours tweaking every weapon individually so the recoil is back to vanilla standards and if I'm lazy i'll download a "fix" that could potentially fuck up the mod, by this point I'm getting the uninstalling jitters.

For all its flaws, and indeed perhaps because of them, i love LURK more then any other mod. I can only hope that 1.2 will redeem LURK and put in the spotlight again, it would be a shame to not make use of the massive potential this mod has.

end of rant

Oct 27 2012 Anchor

^Nothing but the TRUTH.

Nov 13 2012 Anchor

Can anyone suggest a mod which works? I guess I'm just waiting until OL2010 download is back up (or 2012 is released), but I'd just like a mod which does the usual things - adds lots of weapons, gives them realistic-ish damage and improves the graphics a bit. I spent ages looking for a decent mod and this was the only one I came up with. It's making me want to uninstall SoC (again...I can't even remember how many times I've uninstalled and reinstalled SoC...).

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