The L.U.R.K. team wants to provide the best possible experience from Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl, we don't plan to skew the scope of this game, because I, like many others, fell in love with the game because of the story, the realistic gameplay, and the atmosphere. I plan to preserve and improve on that concept to the best of my abilities, and our team has vowed to do so as well. Which is why we took it upon ourselves to provide that experience. We want to fulfill a niche that's otherwise unfulfilled in the modding community. We want to bring as many features to Stalker without damaging or changing the original theme of the game. While improving upon that concept with features that were dropped off the development cycle from GSC, such as stealth AI, and a strong foundation for balance, as well as dynamic A-Life, and an unprecedented visual presentation that no other Stalker Overhaul can touch.

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Jul 3 2010, 3:14pm

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Jul 3 2010, 1:56pm

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Jun 24 2010, 12:09pm

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Jun 24 2010, 11:57am

Still Says 1.05 on menu Jotun25 mr.bacon - read

Jun 24 2010, 11:52am

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Jun 24 2010, 7:49am

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Jun 23 2010, 11:23am

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Jun 23 2010, 8:32am


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