You are a captured citizen who wakes up in a pod, stranded in unknown snowy surroundings, just after you were lost from a "combine-dropship-pod-container". You discover a secret underground facility that are infested by headcrab-zombies. Later you find out that your'e not alone in the facility: A mad group of dangerous humans with weapons are inhabiting the facility too. Lost in the snow will include: notes, keys, puzzles and more.

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This is a really nice mod. There are a few sections where health was an issue or I was at a lose what to do even with the notes. Overall this mod came as a surprise to me. I never heard of it before it was released. But I am glad I got a chance to play it. Look forward to more mods by this author.

This is a great mod of high quality and I found very interesting to play. A lot of exploration and a dark foreboding atmosphere lead to moments of intense action, a little too intense for my survival on a couple of occasions! I had to use “god” mode to survive one such, gate-opening scene.
The village of “Tull” is a bit of sepia-toned frustration, due to AI disabling and crashing, but a reload fixed it and the game ran to the end with no issues.
Notes and keys add a nostalgic and humorous touch to a dark mod along with some witty little pastiches.
A “9” was missed due to the extreme difficulty of a few combat scenes and the crash-prone “Tull” section.
The surreal maps were somewhat surreal!J
Not a lot of snow but the water areas were delightful.


It was pretty fun, a little hard for my taste but still a fun experience. Had a neat little story going on, though mostly left up to the imagination.

The mod is very fun, but I got lost sometimes, and its kind of buggy, but then again, thats one of the most fun I've had in a while.

Pretty basic mod. Has some normal puzzle to keep you going. Enemies are very tough and numerous which keep you on your feet at all times. Had fun with this one, if you want to kill time then this would be another great mod to add to your list.

this MOD had a very stupid place!the place that turn on the valve "12 11 02"to active the power,I did it follow the instruction,but!but!all valves back to its original position!and the water still there!I repeated my action,I could hear the voice of water flowing!but!but!but!the water was still in the room!I couldn't active the power,and it cost my 5-god-damn-hours!

I didn't know the designer's ******** idea!I really don't know what to do with this fXXXing place!!!!!!!


boosh303 says

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its the best

Great mod, great ambiance, original.

Cool mod, I enjoyed it.
Had a great ambience with a claustrophobic
gameplay strategy...nice.

But became disappointed at the end, found no wayout!

Site: A prison near a massive gate...

Iàm Lost here...

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