Lost Control is a Crysis singleplayer horror mod, featuring both scary and action sequences. In an extremely detailed environment you will experience challenging gameplay while being haunted by mysterious creatures.

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To start off with criticism, self hype is never a good thing. A developer saying their own mod will cause bowel movements, to play with an adult, and that it causes "extreme" fear is... beyond silly, and really put me off.

The story has a lot of problems. It reminds me of the whole torture porn scene going on right now, as in its a lot like modern day horror telling. FEAR, Dead Space, Saw, etc. Lots of elements to it. The whole unconventional trap is paired with the unknown antagonist trope and its really just predictable.

Now, my high standards out of the way, the atmosphere is spooky as hell and the voice acting and sound design is sharp. A solid 7 is deserved here, it is tricky to install and prone to lagging and not really worth the years of wait, but its still a labor of love.

not bad, lot of space for impovement

Voice acting was very nice, but the level design was pretty bland. It felt like a Fear clone with less story :/


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