Lost Alpha is a new episode of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series made by dezowave group for free!

"the original you always wanted brought to life"
Mod of the Year 2014 I Player's Choice
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Damn, guys, I really don't know what to say. With full access to game sources, seven years of development, lots of good developers, agressive marketing everythere and users donations, you made the ultimate S.T.A.L.K.E.R disappointment EVER

First of all, it's buggy as hell. Everything what can be broken is broken, what can be spoiled is spoiled. Whom the hell are you allowed to make changes in game engine? This is awful, you've even somehow manage to broke the NPC's combat AI. It's now absolutely braindead, even in the original game it was so bad so I written myself a full-scale standalone scripted combat AI for OGSE 0693, but your is even worse than in original game. You managed to step on a rakes even in game's dangers recognition and NPC states manager, which problems are well known and documented by many dev's including myself.

Second, you heavily oversized the locations. There are absolutely nothing to do on them, yes, i know, users wanted a bigger locations, but not so big ones.

Third, the plot is awful. Illuminati in my S.T.A.L.K.E.R? You must be kidding. Who wrote the plot, an UFO freak? You don't mistaken the game you modding? It's S.T.A.L.K.E.R not DeusEx, you know.

Fourth, gameplay features are bleak. Really bleak. You really think a PC with tetris game at barmen's room can add some joy to the game? If you really wanted to do this, you must add at least a hacking minigame to this. All this things you added was interesting 4-5 years ago, not now.

Last and worst - guys, what is so special about leaked build? Are you some A+ game gevelopers or someone? We have some builds leaked then we was in process of making OGSE 0692, and just warned the users what leaked build are unfinished, unacceptable by our standarts, and by distributing and playing it they will spoil their own enjoyment from game and mod, and we wouldn't provide any technical support or feedback on this build. And then we just continued ours work. And everything went fine in result.

So meny CTDs, bugs and other ****, that it's almost unplayable. Also AI is broken, and the game is unoptimized. I think that it's almost unstable as build 1935, hell, stalkersoup is more stable than this. The overall gameplay is not bad, but somehow the Zone seems dead to me and it needs a lot of work. For 7-8 years of work, I expected much more than this. I thought there will be bugs (It's Stalker) but not this game-breaking diarrhea. Looks like the game hasn't been tested at all. Some obvious bugs in main story are not removed (dunno how they missed them), and the game cannot be completed because of that, despite the Dez's statement that the game is gonna at least be completable.
All in all, I'm just waiting till summer for some more patches and fixes and hope it'll be better then, I suggest everyone else to do the same, to avoid stress because of crashes and bugs.

Lost Alpha is a very impressive map pack. Oh wait...it's supposed to be a game and not just a map pack? Oh well in that case it's nothing other than a walking simulator with lots of bugs and comically bad cutscenes.

Unfortunately the result is not up to expectations ...
Beautiful maps ... but completely empty ...
Non-existence of the story ...
IA ridiculous ...
Bugs and Crash ....
Really boring ...
Unplayable ... and I think it will be unplayable ... despite the patches ...
Maybe it should be revised in the entire graphics engine ...
But perhaps in this GSA did not agree ...
Rating ... zero ...!

The main reason I give a 1 for the LA, is the aggressivity of the dev team & co. They, along with their fanboys cannot accept any kind of criticism, and look down from a Parnassus of their own.

Another funny thing is, that their main defence against any criticism is repeating the 'it's free' mantra, not counting, that they were planning to release the game in a short time for real money. The convenient 'leak' just came in time, when GSC probably refused to accept their mock of STALKER.

The lesser part consists of minor things:

- Terrible story.
- Retarded AI.
- Retarded, unskippable cutscenes.
- Terrible voice acting in most cases.
- Annoying soundscape.
- Cheap way of extending the gameplay (strolling through nothing for the 20th time).
- BUGS. Even if they tried to iron out them.
- Dumbed down in many ways.

- Unbalanced.

I have to mention positive experiences too, like the extensive world, thus providing great possibilities for future modding. It's a shame, that the other aspects couldn't reach up to the game's level design.

FULL, Full, Full , pleinty of crashes !
Also where is the "gamedata" folder ?

Bad voice acting, ****** story and bugs everywhere


sven_hassel says

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what a **** hole


dufake says

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It's full of bugs and awful writings. It took seven years to deliver a unfinished alpha build. Maps are good, but all is ruined by poor quests. There are a lot of better mods out there, but not this.

A huge disappointment! This mod is almost evil in it's design: amazing graphics and level design that greatly improve the look of the zone coupled with absolutely horrendous story and design decisions. I started playing and was in awe, for the first 10 hours or so. But eventually the brain-dead juvenile writing and the awful AI eventually got too much.

Best parts: Graphics, level designs.
Worst parts: story/cut-scenes, AI.

I do not mind the walking back and forth that people complain of because the levels are beautiful, but every time the plot advances I cringe and grind my teeth.

Douglas Adams made a comment early on in "Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy", about how tension in stories causes undue stress so to eliminate stress he is going to reveal that everything that happens next turns out okay. This was a big joke - subverting the idea of peril and suspense as entertainment. Unfortunately, the developers of Lost Alpha seem to have taken this to heart: Take everything creepy and mysterious about Stalker and explain it (*oh so poorly*) so that it is no longer creepy or mysterious, leaving behind only pretty graphics and terrible AI. It is like the developers sucked the soul right out of SoC.

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