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Anywhere [OLD] NPC Modeler at dez0wave

npc modeler dez0wave anywhere artists lost alpha project needs you once again! we are looking for talented people for npc modeling. basically, we need you to edit existing npc meshes, and add-remove parts (masks, backpacks), make new textures for these meshes, and of course create new meshes from scratch with our assistance, but creativity is highly appreciated! we can give you plugins, and help related to your job. skills required: - experienced maya user - or experienced max user - be able to create new anims, or fix (finetune) existing anims made by us (this part is not necessary, but +++) - experienced photoshop / gimp / psp user other requirements: - have at least 1-2hour freetime for us / day, the more you have, the better - use icq (but if you refuse, we still have skype and msn) - be talented, creative, and have your own ideas :) if you would like to be part of lost alpha project, do not hesitate to contact us!

Anywhere [OLD] Animator - Player Modeler at dez0wave

animator - player modeler dez0wave anywhere artists requirements: - age from 22 and above - experience with maya and 3dsmax or belnder (2 years or more) - a good portfolio - available at least 1 hours per day or 2-3 hours / 2-3days a week desirable: - maya 2009 experiences - experience in stalker modding, and it's plug-ins (if not, we teach you) responsibilities: - development of existing animations and desirable under certain timing - creating animations of any complexity on demand - texturing new monsters and npcs on demand payment: - all depends on the quality of the final product. payment is not granted, but possible. let's make a quality game!

Anywhere [OLD] Game Designer at dez0wave

game designer dez0wave anywhere programmers we are urgently looking for designers, who can help to fill the empty spaces in our game world. skills needed: - you should like the stalker world - you should be familiar with xray sdk (adding gulags, smart terrains, scripted events) - you should be familiar with lua scripting - be friendly, and dont be lazy :)

Anywhere [OLD] physical object modeler at dez0wave

physical object modeler dez0wave anywhere artists dez0wave group is looking for an experienced freelancer, cooperative member, who could help the lost alpha project development, with adjusting non static, aka. physical object for xray engine. that would mean creating doors, or resizing existing doors into doorways (which are later spawned in game, and you can operate them: close, open, lock, etc). physic object in xray engine is actually a simple static mesh, rigged with bones in proper positions, and applied physic materials and shaders. that can be done in either max/maya or xray sdk, also we configure the bones later in sdk. skills needed: - 3ds maya or max - working with skeletal bones maya is better in this case, because we have correct plugins only for that, max has only bugged, or not proper plugs, so mostly the models you make needs new bones, you can't import existing ones. if it's not problem for you, we can provide info, objects, and plugins for your max or maya to work with. compensation: the final product will be free, so there won't be any profit from it, hence what we do is just for passion. thanks for your understanding! update (june 08 2011) the job is still active, even if moddb engine says its outdated! thanks for your time!

Anywhere [OLD] Programmer (ASM, C/C++, LUA, HLSL) at dez0wave

programmer (asm, c/c++, lua, hlsl) dez0wave anywhere programmers requirements: - age from 22 and above - higher technical education - experience not less than 2 years - interest in stalker - fluency in asm, c / c + +, lua, hlsl - understanding the graphics engine, 3d-editors, vertex and pixel shaders - the ability to understand another's code of any complexity and catch all sorts of errors, including gameplay - knowledge in directx 9-11 and opengl libraries - perseverance, ingenuity, teamwork and without orders from above willing to work at least 1-3 hours a day on the project - for higher security, we will need scan of passport or personal id card, which will be sent to gsc gameworld desirable: - modding experience, knowledge of lua and basic principles of operation of the engine - experience with tortoisesvn or tortoisegit (if not, we teach it) - be familiar with what dropbox (if not, we show how it works) - ability to work in borland c + + builder - ability to write technical documentation, if required responsibilities: - further development, debugging and optimization of existing graphics engine parts (dx9-11) - further development, debugging, game mechanics and luashnyh scripts - refinement, writing pixel and vertex shaders - with the appropriate ability and desire: preparation of design and technical documentation payment: - all depends on the quality of the final product. payment is not granted, but possible. we work for free, but if we can make quality product, it might change.

Anywhere [OLD] voice actor at dez0wave

voice actor dez0wave anywhere audio/music we are looking for fresh members for creating voiceovers for npc-s, and tasks. mostly what we need is someone who has good voice which would fit tp 30+ yeras old soldiers, and random stalkers in the game. if you are smoking, its maybe even better, but we don't think its necessary to record cool things. skills needed: - be at least 20 - 22 years old, but the older, the better! (if you are younger, and you sure about your cool voice, make a preview, and send it to us) - experience in dubbing - be able to record in good quality - good voice for imitating mature people - using recording programs, adding various effects such as filters to make it cb-radio style ...etc if you can add the effects to the voices it's good, but we can do it too, so it's not a required skill to work with audio files. compensation: the final product will be free, so there won't be any profit from it, hence what we do is just for passion. thanks for your understanding!

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