This is a list of changes I made to D2, that you will find in this mod.

1.) All rune words now drop as unique. You can still create them if you like though.

2.) Each character now has a different combination of skill sets, meaning, for example, a Nec might have a combination of Sorc skills and Amizon skills.

3.) Speaking of, some of the spells have been re-worked, like for instant, you can now have five Golems, or combination of them running about.

4.) Some new unique items have been added.

5.) One unique item set, the Bliss set, has been added. Complete set, meaning, all gear, armor, boots, and so on. More might be coming.

6.) Six new rainbow jewels have been added, ranging great to amazing. These are high-level drops.

6.) The difficult has been increased substantially over regular D2 in all areas. Also, the way you start your build of any character will have a great impact on how hard the mod will be at the beginning.

7.) Many challenging areas now exist, with a few of them boarding on insanely challenging.

8.) Each skill, of each character, can now reach 74.

9.) Skills don't have prerequisites anymore, so as you level, they unlock wither you have put points in the one before it or not.

10.) The drop rate for items and runes are better now.

11.) You now have an unlimited number of skill points, up to the max skill level of each skill, to spend, once you buy them. So now, you can build the ultimate Sor, or Nec, or whatever.

12.) You now have an unlimited number of stat points you can spend once you get the money to buy them.

13.) The runes now have different abilities.

14.) You can now equip any item you find regardless of the character. No more item specific equipment.

15. Now all of the lower set items have sockets, making them more useful.

16.) Many of the set items have had a re-worked as well.

17.) This mod works great with plugy 10.00. I tested it.

18.) Now Annihilus's and Hellfire torches drop as unique, and you can carry as many of them as you can hold.

19.) Your books now can hold 100 scrolls in each.

20.) The leveling system has been re-worked, so now it is easer to level to 99.

21.) The Mercs are now harder to kill.

22.) The original latter runewords have been enabled, meaning, you now can make them like normal, with a few mystery runewords added. There is a List of all runewords in the Mod's download.

23.) Each runeword you make now, except for the mystery ones, gets the bonuses that come with the rune, meaning, if a ruin has a 50% chance to cast level 42 fireball, then when the runeword is made, this bonus will be added to it.

24.) You can now upgrade runes all the way to a Zod without using any gems.

25. You can now put into a single skill as many skill points you have to spend if you so desire.


Please use the following link to download the newest verson of my mod. The one provided by MOD-DB is link to much older verson that I can't seem to remove, I have just discovered. I am sure sorry for this, but it is what it is.

Anyways the file name and size at File Front should say: The 939.45kb.


Thank you Ruid.

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browneyes Creator
browneyes Feb 10 2009 says:

So you're stiting there playing my mod, and all of a sudden you think, man it would be cool to play this mod with the normal d2 skill sets. Well, now you can. In this new updated patch, I have included the normal d2 skills txt, and the instructions for using it.

To get this new update, goto filefront and download my mod again. The link is here.

This is the only place you can get this updated mod.

I hope you enjoy.


+1 vote   reply to comment
browneyes Creator
browneyes Feb 5 2009 says:


The install is real easy. This is how you do it.

1) Unzip the downloaded zip file.

2) Take the folder (The Wrath) that came in it, and goto your diablo 2 directory, this will most likely be on your c drive, and place it in that directory.

3) Go back to your desktop and copy the normal d2 icon found there.

4) Rename that copy, (The Wrath)

5) Right click on the d2 icon, (The Wrath) and goto properties.

6) In the properties section, you will see a tab called short cuts. If it isn't selected already, then select the tab to open it.

7) Once open, goto the target field and edit it to show this: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Diablo II\Diablo II.exe" -direct -txt


Depending on your operating system, and where the game is installed, the target field might look different. For example: this field, the one above, is a windows 64 vista field--> "C:\Program Files (x86)\Diablo II\Diablo II.exe" -direct -txt

+1 vote   reply to comment
browneyes Creator
browneyes Feb 5 2009 says:

And this field is an xp field--> "C:\Program Files\Diablo II\Diablo II.exe" -direct -txt

But in either case, the format is the same, ok.


The spaces between the (.exe") and (-direct) and the (-direct) and the (-txt) need to be there.

8) Next goto the start in field and type in: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Diablo II\The Wrath"

Again take note that this field might look different depending on the operating system, and where the game is installed.

9) Once typed in, click apply.

If no error message comes up, you have done these edits correctly. If a message does come up, then make sure and check the fields again.


If for some reason you changed the name of the folder that came in the zip file to something else, then in order for the Wrath icon to work right, you will have to change the name in the target field, and the start in field, to match the name change you gave to the ziped folder that should now be in the d2 directory.


As I stated in an earlier post, when you begin a game with this mod, it will look like you have just started a normal game of d2, but this should not be the case. I did not change the tile screen. The only way to see wither you are playing my mod, or normal d2, is to start a game, pick a character, and look at their skill tree, or inventory. These of course will look different from d2.

I hope this helped.

Ruid, aka Browneyes.

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Antiviruz Feb 5 2009 says:

I have a quick question.. Is there a page which i can access to show me how to install in after i get through Dwnloading this mod? If not can someone please walk me through it. Would be greatly appreciated.

+1 vote     reply to comment
browneyes Creator
browneyes Jan 31 2009 says:

Well, I just added a small update to the mod. I increased the cube and stash size. It isn't unlimited like Plugy, but it is better then the norm. You can download it now, by downloading the same patch again and replacing the old one with this new one.



+1 vote   reply to comment
RoYaL_MaGiC Jan 20 2009 says:

Hm so im kinda new to installing this kind of acustom to just changing the whole patch_D2.mpg as in Median 2008 or XL. So,i did what its says in the insturctions to do but its just opening normal diablo or what ever patch i have installed when i click the new icon...i have the same "target" and "start in" links as listed in the instructions. So, do you have any idea of what im doing wrong? Id like to try this mod since i beat Median 08 and Xl as much as i can so if Anyone has any ideas i would be glad to listen.

+1 vote     reply to comment
browneyes Creator
browneyes Jan 20 2009 replied:


It sounds like it is working just fine. I never made any changes to the menus, other then the skill tree, and I never made a new title screen for the mod. Question though. Did you create a new character after starting the game from the new icon. If not, then do that and check the skill tree, which should be diffrent. Also the starting items should be diffrent.

+1 vote   reply to comment
IgorPoulpupov Jan 17 2009 says:

Is it actually released? Where can we get it? No homepage, no download link and nothing else than this page on google...

+1 vote     reply to comment
browneyes Creator
browneyes Jan 17 2009 replied:

Igor, thanks for the heads up. I'm new at this. I thought it was ready. Opps.

Well, in how. Anyone who happened to be interested in getting this mod, can do so at file front, at the following link:

+1 vote   reply to comment
IgorPoulpupov Jan 18 2009 replied:

No matter. The download link is here now.
I think you should be more precise about what your mod is about. Copy what you say in your readme here in the description part and I'm sure moddb's visitors would be much more interested...

I'm impressed about how much your files are compressive: 9.7Mo unarchived, 0.5Mo archived!

+1 vote     reply to comment
browneyes Creator
browneyes Jan 18 2009 replied:

Igor, as you suggested in your comment, here is the first part of my read me file. Thank you.

Also Igor, I used alzip to zip the files. It is free, and I too was impressed with it.

Hi, and thank you for trying L.O.D. (The Wrath)

I want to keep the changes in this mod, kind of a mystery. However, there are a few things to be said.

1)There is only one runeword in the game, all others have been converted into uniques, and it is: Armageddon.

To make Armageddon, all you have to do is simply insert an Ort and Tal, in this order, into one of the following: a Helm, Great Helm, Crown, Cap, Skull Cap, or Mask, and bam, you have it.

What does it make? You find out.

2)In order to improve, and give more flexibility to the magic affixes that spawn on items, I had to make some adjustments to them. However, these adjustments did caused some affixes, mostly on wands, orbs, staffs, to spawn skills that are, for all purposes, useless. An example might be: A short stall will get a plus skill to fire arrow. Now even though this happens, not all is lost. For the more affixes that spawn on an item, in general, the more the item is worth. There is, of course, a limit.

3)The icons on the skills, including the skill tabs, have not changed, but the skills have. So just be aware of this.

4)The ravens, the skill, information is all correct, except for the stat that shows how many ravens you get per level. You do not get two per level. Instead you get a max of fifteen, and you can summons all of them once you have put a point into the skill. This is the max amount of ravens a player can get, period.

5)While on the subject. All pets you can have has been raised an x number of times, and is treated in the same manor as the ravens skill.

6)You now can equip any item that use to be class specific as long as you meet the requirements, that is. This means, you can equip a hawk helm even if you are not a druid. This is the case for all items in the game.

+1 vote   reply to comment
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