This is a list of changes I made to D2, that you will find in this mod.

1.) All rune words now drop as unique. You can still create them if you like though.

2.) Each character now has a different combination of skill sets, meaning, for example, a Nec might have a combination of Sorc skills and Amizon skills.

3.) Speaking of, some of the spells have been re-worked, like for instant, you can now have five Golems, or combination of them running about.

4.) Some new unique items have been added.

5.) One unique item set, the Bliss set, has been added. Complete set, meaning, all gear, armor, boots, and so on. More might be coming.

6.) Six new rainbow jewels have been added, ranging great to amazing. These are high-level drops.

6.) The difficult has been increased substantially over regular D2 in all areas. Also, the way you start your build of any character will have a great impact on how hard the mod will be at the beginning.

7.) Many challenging areas now exist, with a few of them boarding on insanely challenging.

8.) Each skill, of each character, can now reach 74.

9.) Skills don't have prerequisites anymore, so as you level, they unlock wither you have put points in the one before it or not.

10.) The drop rate for items and runes are better now.

11.) You now have an unlimited number of skill points, up to the max skill level of each skill, to spend, once you buy them. So now, you can build the ultimate Sor, or Nec, or whatever.

12.) You now have an unlimited number of stat points you can spend once you get the money to buy them.

13.) The runes now have different abilities.

14.) You can now equip any item you find regardless of the character. No more item specific equipment.

15. Now all of the lower set items have sockets, making them more useful.

16.) Many of the set items have had a re-worked as well.

17.) This mod works great with plugy 10.00. I tested it.

18.) Now Annihilus's and Hellfire torches drop as unique, and you can carry as many of them as you can hold.

19.) Your books now can hold 100 scrolls in each.

20.) The leveling system has been re-worked, so now it is easer to level to 99.

21.) The Mercs are now harder to kill.

22.) The original latter runewords have been enabled, meaning, you now can make them like normal, with a few mystery runewords added. There is a List of all runewords in the Mod's download.

23.) Each runeword you make now, except for the mystery ones, gets the bonuses that come with the rune, meaning, if a ruin has a 50% chance to cast level 42 fireball, then when the runeword is made, this bonus will be added to it.

24.) You can now upgrade runes all the way to a Zod without using any gems.

25. You can now put into a single skill as many skill points you have to spend if you so desire.


Please use the following link to download the newest verson of my mod. The one provided by MOD-DB is link to much older verson that I can't seem to remove, I have just discovered. I am sure sorry for this, but it is what it is.

Anyways the file name and size at File Front should say: The 939.45kb.


Thank you Ruid.

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browneyes Creator
browneyes Mar 26 2009 says:

I want to say to those who have taken time to rate my mod, good or bad: Thank you very much. It always helps me to know, overall, that is, how well I did, so that next time, maybe I can do better. Again thanks for the support.

And for those who didn't or won't, I thank you as well. By downloading my mod and giving it a whirl, you have shown your support too. Thanks again, and have a great day.


+1 vote   reply to comment
drakomar Mar 26 2009 replied:

is there a comunity site or any forum incoming? so we can talk with some other people actualy playing the game? or is this impossible since you want to keep all this a secret? :P

+1 vote     reply to comment
browneyes Creator
browneyes Mar 26 2009 replied:

Hi Dark.

No, I'm sorry. I don't have any plans to start a forum or a community for this mod. I just woudn't have enough time for those things right now. But maybe something like that can sorta get started here by leaving posts back and forth. I don't know.

And as far as creating new spells, which by the way sounds really great, I'd love to do that, I just don't have the skills to make it happen. However, if there is somebody you know, or anyone at all that can create these new spells, please do. I would sure love to use them in this mod myself.

Lastly. You said you were having it hard starting a druid. Well, just remember two things. Use javs, and gamble alot. And also look for the weak guys no matter where they might be hiding. In other words. You can find some of these wimps in just about every area. I just thought I'd help a little if you needed it, not that you do, but just the same.

Good hunting, and bye for now.


+1 vote   reply to comment
drakomar Mar 26 2009 replied:

sorry for double post btw.. i tried to edit but took too long >.<..

so i was asking you if you ever planed to do that same mod but with a complete new set of spells.. would make this mod so godlike :P. since i played d2 a lot i feel less interested in getting these skills for my chars since i allready know most of them. having a new set of spell would help build the interest of the player since he wants to see what hes new skill is going to do and what look it will have. its only a suggestion and if you do something like that lemme know it would be the best mod i ever played :P

nice job btw im having a hard time starting with my druid so far only got to level 10! this mod is hard as hell ^^

+1 vote     reply to comment
browneyes Creator
browneyes Mar 25 2009 says:


Well, I had to pull the mod from the sight because of a add on,and a few bug fixes. But it's back again, ready for downloading.


New Stuff.

Added--> 3/25/09

1.)I added two new items that can be bought and used once you have leveled you character to 99. What. Level 99, you say. Are you crazed man. Have you been touched or something. And why would I want to do that? And how will I do this thing anyway when it is so, so very hard to reach level 99 in the first place, not to mention, I have to do this solo. Come on! Get real here!

Well, I have no room in this post to go into further detail on this subject, so please see my read me file, again included with the mod download, to get a better understanding on this.

Thanks again for trying out my mod. And if you have time to rate my mod, please do.

Bye for now.



+1 vote   reply to comment
Broadus Feb 23 2009 says:

So like, what does this mod do?

+1 vote     reply to comment
browneyes Creator
browneyes Feb 23 2009 replied:

Broadus, Hi.

Most of what the mod does is for you to find out. But a lot of what it does is to toughen things up some, and add some twists. If you do decide to download it, and of course try it, then I hope you find it fun to mess around with.



+1 vote   reply to comment
RedeemerEngaged Feb 28 2009 replied:

You should add a feature list. Through a feature list people can see why they want to download this mod. Also, if you are not aware of all the features the mod gives, you might overlook some.

+1 vote     reply to comment
browneyes Creator
browneyes Feb 21 2009 says:

All Right gang. This should be my last update to the Wrath, not counting any bugs that might be around.

I changed the max skill cap of all characters to 6. This change is in the doc with the mod.

And thanks again for trying my mod, and please give it a rating, if you wouldn't mind, so I know how well the mod turned out.


+1 vote   reply to comment
browneyes Creator
browneyes Feb 18 2009 says:

Hello again. Some changes have been made. This information is included with the mod.

Added--> 02/18/2009

Some more changes that were made:

1.The Runeword Armageddon was converted to a unique item, and will now drop as one. It can not be made anymore.
2.The max character skills has been capped at 7. I did this for balancing reasons.
3.I removed the gem requirement needed to upgrade runs from Thul to zod. Now all you need, to upgrade your runes to the next level, is the number of runes needed, such as, three Thuls, no gem, to make the next level rune, and so on.
4.I moved diablo and the other bosses to the secret cow level (normal, nightmare,hell) for balancing purposes.
5.The runeword, Enlightenment, was bugged and wouldn't work right. This has now been fixed.

The only place to get this updated mod is at

+1 vote   reply to comment
browneyes Creator
browneyes Feb 18 2009 replied:

You might also be able to get my updated mod here at mob as well, providing they keep thier link up, and if my mod updated really did update.


+1 vote   reply to comment
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