intro : You are a P.I.T. Marine (Point Insertion Team) sent in to eliminate an mass threat, Currently in transfer you are briefed the following; "the enemy (origin unknown) is lead by a mother creature that spans roughly 30 feet tall. It constantly mothers smaller creatures that terrorize and destroy, and all the creatures are highly lethal. the mother is slow moving and can take quite a punch, it attacks by spitting acid at long ranges that can penetrate your heavy armor. the smaller ones are much more aggressive and versatile, they are about 10 feet tall and are quick moving, and able to leap large distances quickly. be prepared for a serious challenge" as you exit the APC you enter a city, torn up, and smoking of ruin. you lock and load your rifles, and move out in a team. as you near the center of the city one of your comrades quickly shouts something, but it came out in a blur and you were unable to understand. suddenly gunfire bursts out and as you turn you see a large black, skeletal figure charging at you. the rest of the team opens fire and it goes down in a pool of blood. the enemy knows you are here now. you reload and get against a wall. you feel a slight rumbling against the wall. one of your teammates steps around a corner, and he stops in his tracks, you hear him cuss through the microphones and he yells "RUN!" he starts to run back to the APC and the rumbling becomes increasingly apparent, you get off the wall and peek around the corner. a mammoth black monster, like a slug with its body being supported by a thin, sharp skeleton, and quickly moving towards you. he lets out a roar and launches a ball of green liquid ball from its mouth. you quickly jump to the side and as the ball hits where you were standing it splashes all over, and you feel a severe burn as some of it lands on you. a teammate behind you runs to the corner and pulls an RPG from his back, he aims and fires at the oncoming enemy. as it explodes you here a shrill cry, then one of the smaller creatures leaps from around the corner and claws the man, dropping his RPG and pulling out a pistol, he shoots maniacally as the alien slowly claws through his armor. you get onto your feet and pull up your machine gun, slung around your shoulder. you aim and burst the bullets at the creature, and eventually collapses with the other marine. as another squad comes from an alley way they pause a moment and start fire upon the large monster. you go around the corner and see the monster being torn up by the bullets, but it doesn't seem to have much effect, as it launches a ball they all retreat behind cover, you pull out your gun and cry out for support. your teammates line up along the road and burst fire at the creature. another marine from a different squad runs to your side and pulls a large sniper rifle, aims, and a bullet released from the gun and you see the mark it makes on the alien, as a large spray of blood splashes from where the bullet registered. he quickly reloads and takes another shot. The creature snakes around and begins to flee. you take your friends RPG and aim at the alien and fire a shot as it runs. the shot just misses as the creature turns the corner. the squad assembles into a circle. "How long have you guys been here?" another man says, you reply "we just arrived" the other man pauses,
"you better be ready for a hell of a fight."

This is a marine vs Alien mod, you play as either the marines OR the aliens (even the mother creature!) the marines are equipped with heavy armor and very powerful guns including Machine Guns, Sniper Rifles, Sub machine guns, and RPGs (not the laser guided ones though) and possible vehicles like tanks in future versions.

the marines work to limited the mother creature, if it goes down, victory goes to the marines, they respawn at select points safe from the creatures, whereas the aliens are spawned at the mother creature, which acts as a mobile spawn point. the aliens objective is to hold of the marines from killing the mother for a certain time.

the marines have 100 hp and 300 armor, the fighter aliens have 1000 hp and 500 armor, and the mother has 50000 hp and no armor.
Machine gun, clip 200, reload 1000 damage per bullet (dpb) 10
Sniper rifle, clip 10, reload 50 dpb 800
Sub Machine Gun, Clip 100 reload 500 dpb 5
RPG, Clip 1, reload 10 dpb 2000
Pistol, Clip 20 reload 100 dpb 15
Knife damage 50 (hopefully it wont come to this)
All stats are WIP and will be balanced

we plan on just having a DM mode at first (without the mother) then put a new mode in including the mother creature.

the marines are divided into classes;
Soldier - Machine Gun
Sniper - Sniper Rifle, Grenade
Medic - Biotic Needle (healing), SMG, Flashbang
Demolition - RPG, Grenade, Flash bang
All units have a pistol and knife. Flashbangs completely blind aliens and partially blind marines (visor)

Mod Deleted

The mod you are trying to view has been deleted and is no longer available. This may have occured at the developers request because it is no longer active and was not released, or it may have occured because it violated the sites Terms of Use. If this is a mistake and you are a member of this mods team and would like it re-activated, please contact us with the details.

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