The Koprulu Sector is a turbulent place, torn apart by war after war, decimated planets in its wake. It has occured on such a grand scale that sometimes we forget about the individuals who put it all on the line for their cause. Meet Lieutenant Jack Sherall, a Marine in the Terran Dominion whose life has been thrust into the fray, leaving him and everyone around him forever changed. Come and experience the Life of a Marine. Life of a Marine is a single-player campaign for StarCraft: Brood War. It features seven playable missions and a storyline that brings you down to the world of the Marine who gives himself selflessly for his cause.

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An amazing mod which provides the player an interesting gameplay. Many of Starcraft players enjoyed the opportunity of playing with limited force of tough heroes full of guts and personality.

That's not like the classic SC gameplay. However, it is still Starcraft - you meet its realities every single moment... just from a bit of another point of observation. Every single dialog makes sense, either with some carefree humour or serious dramatic exclamations. I enjoyed the personalities of the heroes very much, and it seemed I fully understood their feelings in certain moments.

The triggers are worked out masterfully, and the whole work quality is simply awesome, with nicely chosen difficulty level accessible to many players at once. Minimum bugs, maximum goodness. That is Life Of A Marine.

I would be very delighted to check out the adventures of Jur-Hadda announced in the outro mission - I believe that the level of awesomeness would not be less. We can always dream.

It's pretty much the best campaign I've ever played, and I'm upset that the special edition never came out. Jack Sherall and his friends stay with you forever, I mean it. It's an unforgettable experience that my words can't do justice to.

From the music choices to the map design, the atmosphere is perfect. As PC Gamer said when they featured this campaign in 2007, the RPG-like atmosphere "makes you cringe every time a Zerg gets close to one of your grunts." You're taken to the battlefields of open plains, dark Zerg infested caves, heavily industrialized space platforms, and creepy as hell abandoned installations. No matter where you go, you get a very strong feeling from the place.

All in all the best part of the experience is the characters and plot. The witty, strong dialogue gets you attached to the characters and makes you feel like you're part of the journey. From the young and inexperienced yet capable and cunning Jack Sherall, to his joking, information-filled sidekick Craig Skillen, to the psionicly adept Katherine Logal, and finally to the witty ex-confederate Vertigo, this cast is unforgettable. It's a wonderful experience that no StarCraft fan should miss.


I really enjoyed this map pack. The music, the long big maps with side objetives and each one different with many features.


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