Life Among Death is an Unreal Engine based Game/Mod that focuses less on the act of killing zombies mindlessly, and more about strategic survival in their world. Survival will be based on getting food to satisfy your need for sustenance, water for quenching your thirst, and shelter, to restore your fatigue. The above acts can be achieved any way the player sees available, whether it be foraging the mountains for berries, or sleeping on a locked roof to get a good night's sleep. Our team has many plans for this mod, and are working hard to achieve it. Some of these plans include the intricate survival system stated above, a brand new character management menu, a bunch of weapons, RPG elements and much much more. If this sounds like your cup of tea, we have a forum set up where Mod watchers can get updated on what's going on with the dev team, and see any updates that might not be listed here.

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Moral Compass Concept
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Sorry for being inactive, School and all.

Anyways, I think it would be better understood if you gave a description of all the variations.

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How is this going to work? You save people and your moral compass goes up? And what are the consequences? The good players trust you, and the douches shoot you over and over until you leave the server?

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Hm yeah!

Something comes to my mind and that is Baldurs Gate. In that game one can define their characters disposition, for example a paladin being "righteous good" (righteous means: obeying the law and defend it, if governed by justice - killing people for fun is a no go for such characters. Good means: well i guess that's self explanatory and not too far away from righteous).

And acting against his disposition will attract chaotic or evil characters and may as well transform his own (like the growing child which has heard so many glorious tales about the battlefields, about serving as a soldier and when becoming one, the face of war changes his pure purpose and might corrupt him due to the sheer brutality and tragedy, finally altering his good behaviour and noble character aspects).

Maybe an easier version, like karma points would work better. Like they did it in Fallout 1-3...

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I wanted to get the people of ModDB's opinion on this concept. We thought what if we could incorporate a new visual style to the whole "Morals/Karma" system frequented in other RPG/RPS video games, so here is the concept, we want constructive feedback, if you have any, tell us what you think.

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