The Liberty 6000 Expansion Freelancer MOD can be played in Multiplayer and Open Singleplayer games. Open Singleplayer is built into the MOD so there is no storyline. You will NEED TO REGISTER at our site to download this mod and it will be the only place you can get it. The expansion includes: New intro, new jump special effects, Licence, new Jumpgates, new Tradelanes, new Docking rings, Solar Lighting, Ships - 8 so far, Version Number, Music by RimShot, Stations - 5 so far, Systems - 6 so far, SDK V1.3 included, no locked Jumpgates, Advanced Battleship encounters, Open Singleplayer and Multiplayer compatible, Battleship Wrecks added, new Splash Screen by SpAz. To Come: New wrecks made from new ships New stations New systems New solar items New Ships New detail in current systems Any bug fixing And more! Made By Xtreme Team Studios New Music Files** Made By RimShot Added By The Xtreme **XTS FortBeta Station Mod** Model & Texture created by ImperaTodd Hardpoints & script done by The...

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