Left4Realism is a... you guessed it. A realism mod for valves brilliant new game Left4Dead.
The Mod will focus on making gameplay, model and skin alterations, aswell as adding new campaigns.

For the first version of the mod it will include the followingGameplay Changes:

-Removed player Auras
-Added Iron sights
-Removed Crosshairs
-Remove Team health HUD
-Swing changed to push. Rest in between 6 pushes.
-Movement normal jog/ 10 seconds sprint 10 second rest/ Slow walk.
-Weapons ammunition capacity/accuracy/recoil corrected accurately.
-No random weapons dumps, only in specific places.
-Ammunition limitation lowered.
-Damage to zombies slightly increased.
-No infected Bosses in Campaign game -Safe houses won't have the Safe house door. Instead a normal barricaded door what can be broken down after the pole/wood has been removed.

-4 New National Guard models and skins
-Added models/skins : Grenade, Beretta, Army medipack, Metal Pole, Combat Knife, Baseball bat.
-Reskins of current weapons
-Added models: Army truck and more.


-5 new maps in one NEW campaign, called Lost City.

I came up with this idea after many hours in the past, searching for Realistic mods, whether it being zombie or military. I've played the BF2 mod Project Reality. I must say that I love it! This mod, not only is it fun, it's also realistic. The aim of the mod is to create a FUN, PLAYABLE, and REALISTIC mod.

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Perhaps, instead of removing the Boss Infested, you could add a "random skin spawn" or in other words, No two boss infected of the same type would have the same model skin. I personally dislike the fact that multiple hunters can spawn and that they all look alike, that is very "unrealistic".(It lacks variety is what I suppose what I'm trying to get across). If you were to add more individualized skins to the boss types, that may make it seem more realistic to have them in game.

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A realistic mod... for a non realistic scenario? Very interesting. While I think that what you're doing is taking a fast paced game into a slow and much more mundane game, my list of complaints would start in your movement system. I'm a normal person in relative shape, and I can sprint for 60 seconds tops. That is realistic. Of course a good idea there is to make it so you have a bar that has full energy for full speed, and at half energy the speed starts to decrease, and at 0 and in recharging, your going slower if you used the full meter. I code a bit here and there and it is not a terribly complicated system.

Now for Gameplay factors, the zombie bosses made it fair in versus multiplayer. I'm going to assume there will be no versus multiplayer if the zombie bosses are taken out. Big fun factor decrease right there.

I hate to say it but... you're reducing the fun and ways to play(if I'm correct on assuming removal of versus.) and your pretty much making it Resident evil all over again, in first person(I did not note Umbrella Chronicles because that was a rail-shooter, this is not on a track.). Not a good move for this type of game, as it is a fast paced zombie survival.

For other comments, MightyMonk and VideoPray have excellent points that relate to mine. Iron sights would probably be OK, but only on a couple of weapons. And the running zombies made it difficult, like VideoPray stated. If you make the zombies slower, you'll have to make the game MUCH harder.

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Spitfireun Creator

Thanks for the so far feedback.

The speed of zombies, probably wont be changed, but if they were only a tiny bit. The factor what will make it harder is the decrease in ammo and you can't reload while pushing.

The different skins for the bosses was the first idea, and I saw concepts on new bosses being done, and if we can use new bosses, that be really great!

Iron sights will be used mainly when clearing the area ahead. When a horde appears, iron sights wont be that much use, you can fire your weapon from the hip/waist.

The versus mode will be kept, but with added skins, maps, weapons. They will still play the infected bosses, and as i said earlier, the maybe the new boss concepts produced by people.
I know when I play the campaigns, I'm looking for realism, but with versus mode for me it's just some good competitive fun... so this mod primarily for campaign, but we can incorporate the realism affects into it.

Thanks again, spitfire

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I like the modifications.

I would also like to see some slow moving zombies that can only be killed with a shot to the brain, Romero style.

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YES! i was waiting for someone to make a realism version of L4D :D I'm tired of being able to see the hud, auras, teammates health, and the special infected always bothering me. I cant wait to fight the zombie apocalypse.

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What you're suggesting to change is (some of it) ridiculous and will remove the fun from the game.

Iron Sights won't have a chance to be used properly. L4D is a fast game, where the player is required to respond quickly to the given situation they are in, and Iron Sights will only slow the killing down.

How can you honestly deem having no Special Infected realism?

I'll be honest, I don't really like the sound of some of your ideas, but I'm sure there are some people out there who will appreciate it.

Good luck.

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sounds really nice love realistic mod's :D

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