Left4Realism is a... you guessed it. A realism mod for valves brilliant new game Left4Dead.
The Mod will focus on making gameplay, model and skin alterations, aswell as adding new campaigns.

For the first version of the mod it will include the followingGameplay Changes:

-Removed player Auras
-Added Iron sights
-Removed Crosshairs
-Remove Team health HUD
-Swing changed to push. Rest in between 6 pushes.
-Movement normal jog/ 10 seconds sprint 10 second rest/ Slow walk.
-Weapons ammunition capacity/accuracy/recoil corrected accurately.
-No random weapons dumps, only in specific places.
-Ammunition limitation lowered.
-Damage to zombies slightly increased.
-No infected Bosses in Campaign game -Safe houses won't have the Safe house door. Instead a normal barricaded door what can be broken down after the pole/wood has been removed.

-4 New National Guard models and skins
-Added models/skins : Grenade, Beretta, Army medipack, Metal Pole, Combat Knife, Baseball bat.
-Reskins of current weapons
-Added models: Army truck and more.


-5 new maps in one NEW campaign, called Lost City.

I came up with this idea after many hours in the past, searching for Realistic mods, whether it being zombie or military. I've played the BF2 mod Project Reality. I must say that I love it! This mod, not only is it fun, it's also realistic. The aim of the mod is to create a FUN, PLAYABLE, and REALISTIC mod.

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_RC Dec 21 2008, 4:41am says:

lot of people want to have slow zombies.
but you are not going to make the zombies slow, right?
is it general possible to make a l4d mod with "romero`s" slow moving zombies?

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Spitfireun Creator
Spitfireun Dec 24 2008, 11:45am replied:

No, the zombies will be the same speed. If any reduction in speed it would only be a tiny amount. We will be keeping it the same for the play testing.

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MÅšTÅ_J Dec 21 2008, 2:04am says:

Love the ideas.
I hope to see some more things brought up for this mod.
Cause i damn sure am gonna donwload this when its released lol =)

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symptom Dec 18 2008, 12:52am says:

-Weapons ammunition capacity/accuracy/recoil corrected accurately.
-Ammunition limitation lowered.
-No random weapons dumps, only in specific places.
-Added models/skins : Grenade, Beretta, Army medipack, Metal Pole, Combat Knife, Baseball bat.
-Damage to zombies slightly increased.

Surely sounds good. From the melee weapons we understand that pistols won't have unlimited ammo. That's good too. But what about unlimited ammo stacks? I think they should be removed too. You can add some magazine and shotgun shell box models for each weapon.

-No infected Bosses

Actually I would prefer having bosses for the sake of "Versus" gametype. But they should be as vulnerable as common infected. Bosses also have an important role on game's atmosphere and fun. I like it when a player pinned down by a hunter yells for help. But you should reduce a witch's health to a certain degree. In expert difficulty setting a pipe bomb startles her and while running someone throws a molotov in her face while the other 2 fill her with automatic shotgun fire. And guess what happens. One paw one kill. As a matter of fact it's still so much fun trying to avoid witches. But when it comes to fighting her, she should not be that difficult to kill. But as she just sits in a corner waiting for someone to startle her she should be able to take some hits and strong enough to drop a careless guy on the ground with one strike.

Also tanks really make the game more exciting and encourage co-operation but 6000 (advanced difficulty) hit points in a limited ammo mod could cause a seriously unbalanced fight. After several testings you could optimize these problems.

If there is a way to enable/disable option for infected bosses you should definitely add it.

That's all for now.

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symptom Dec 18 2008, 12:50am says:

Recovery points:

1- Standing idle 3 sp/second.
-Players cannot recover more than 75% of stamina by standing idle.
2- Safe house recovers 50% of the current stamina during the map change.
-E.g. A player with 45% sp will begin the next level with 68% sp.
-Players cannot recover upto more than 90% of stamina in safe house.

It takes about 5 minutes for a dead stamina guy to rest up. But as "incoming attacks" occur when you sit and wait in an area for too long players will chose to go on instead of filling their stamina at the cost of their precious bullets. So I guess game pace won't be effected too much in a bad way.

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symptom Dec 18 2008, 12:48am says:

-Swing changed to push. Rest in between 6 pushes.
-Movement normal jog/ 10 seconds sprint 10 second rest/ Slow walk.

I beleive instead of giving a certain number to push count, having a stamina bar that is effected by physical activities like jumping, sprinting and pushing would be much more realistic. Also I beleive a man who sprints 20 times in 15 minutes and who jogs all the way from a safe house to another wouldn't really recover all his energy just by standing about 10 seconds in a room. In other fps games we can say that this stamina system works good enough since in a deathmatch or capture the flag or in whatever gametype you don't expect a player to stay alive for a long time. But in Left 4 Dead the players do have to survive for about an hour in order to succesfully win the campaign.

Also If I see a zombie horde running towards me I wouldn't care about the fire in my lungs and keep running. So I suggest a soccer game style stamina bar for whole campaign that never makes you walk but reduces sprint speed (vastly) and aim accuracy (slightly) and can not be recovered totally.

Let me try to explain soccer game style stamina bar that could suit and give extra challange to L4D.

When stamina reaches 0% you sprint at jogging speed which is 60% of the sprint speed.

Reduce points:

1- Jogging reduces 1 stamina points (sp)/1 second of total 1000.
2- Sprint 25 sp/second
3- Push 50 sp/use
4- Jump 50 sp/use
5- Smoker smoke :) 50 sp/sec
6- Bloomer vomit 50 sp/sec
I guess that's quite reasonable for an avarage guy. 16 minutes of a run which is at 60% of the highest speed I can reach can get my tongue out like a labrador's. And also I have to state that 40 seconds of a strong sprint is more than enough to tire me.

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Spitfireun Creator
Spitfireun Dec 24 2008, 11:55am replied:

That's a good idea. But we are probably using Military guys for the first campaign, so your stamina will be to a military standard.

I may do a poll to see if you want to play as survivors or military guys. Having both of them options may well be added if it is possible.

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symptom Dec 18 2008, 12:47am says:

Good thing we have a realism mod coming up. Liked most of your ideas.

-Added Iron sights
-Removed Crosshairs

This is probably the best thing you will add to your mod. Since I played Call of Duty for the first time I simply stayed away from those hip-shooters until Left 4 Dead. Also I can't agree with those criticisms stating that iron sight would slow down the pace of game. Call of Duty 4 is a good example to a fastpaced fps with iron sights. And zombie mods made for this game are both succesfull and popular. If Spitfireun can succesfully adept this feature into the game I don't think anybody will complain about it. Also removal of crosshair will make it usefull for far away targets.

I strongly suggest that the animation of changing the view to ironsight must be quick enough.

-Removed player Auras
-Remove Team health HUD

Even though people mostly use ingame voice chat or other applications like Teamspeak for communication I guess team health hud removal should bring new options to "quick chat" menu like "I'm hurt". Press "z" and choose "I'm hurt" to make Louis say "Ow! I think I'm not going to make it!". I know they automatically say these but there can be times of need.

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Shoelip Dec 17 2008, 10:06pm says:

A realism mod for L4D would be cool, but it sounds like all you're really doing is removing a bunch of key features that make the game fun in the first place. Oh well, I'll see how this goes.

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FREEBORN Dec 16 2008, 12:44pm says:

Go ahead, don't give up this idea is amazing!

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SubZero1337 Dec 16 2008, 8:11am says:

Sounds like its gonna take some time making, well atleast the maps ^^

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