Left 4 Theft is a major/total modification for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The mod is slightly based on Left 4 Dead and will bring you the zombie apocalypse in San Andreas. Fight off zombies, explore the infected world, join factions and a lot more!

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Jan 14 2013 Anchor

Well considering it's Left 4 Theft here's a suggestion for the Free mode;

There should be way more zombies in the streets (perhaps condensed in areas actually and not randomly spawning on the street every meter you advance), whilist they should be easier to kill, atleast with headshoots as in the real left 4 dead, you can easily kill a zombie with a few shoots of M4. Of course this would make not sense with a few zombies spawning every time you go to a certain area or not spawning at all, but with more zombies that are easily killed the difficulty is relative (and adds more action);
There should also be random attacks, if you spend too much time in a zone (including safe zones) many zombies should spawn and go towards the player;
There should also be world events (Maybe if the player shoots, attract all nearby zombies towards the player), also car alarms and such (considering you add more -broken- vehicles around the streets)
There should also be special infected spawning, and more interactivity to recapture zones at LV, not just killing zombies.
I also agree with the fact of more ambience maping, such the roadblocks, overran safezones, overran evacuation zones and all.

Overall the mod is awesome, I loved it. Though this is too much asking, maybe you could also pick a "ON MY OWN" path, allowing you to create your own faction with the survivors you recruit with the missions, while at the same time allowing to attack the three factions for safe zones and creating your own safe zones in a fortress mode ideal. (Unless this is what the exploration mode is going to be :P)

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Jan 15 2013 Anchor

I like ur ideas dude... but he should also add something to the Recapturing Safe Camps in LV... like adding "defend the camp until soldiers/bandit arrive" mission after clearing it instead of the soldiers appearing instantly after clearing the camp

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