Left 4 Theft is a major/total modification for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The mod is slightly based on Left 4 Dead and will bring you the zombie apocalypse in San Andreas. Fight off zombies, explore the infected world, join factions and a lot more!

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Apr 23 2013 Anchor

Hey JopperX9 and the rest of the left 4 theft team.
I had an idea.

It's really been bugging me that i cant get more than 1 survivor.
Would you guys be able to quickly wip up a quick bug fix (3.2)
For the bug in getting the 2nd survivor.
The one where you have to clear out the gas station.
I would really like to be able to have a whole group (3 survivors)
That could follow along side me. :)

It would be really awesome if you could.
Because i think the survivor group thing is probably one of the best things in the game (besides the factions)


JopperX9 Mod Creator
Apr 24 2013 Anchor

I'm sorry, that won't be possible. Editting one or more lines of code in the main script file (in which all features and missions are scripted) forces the player to start a new game and will make save files incompatible. You'll have to wait for version 4.0.

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