Left 4 Theft is a major/total modification for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The mod is slightly based on Left 4 Dead and will bring you the zombie apocalypse in San Andreas. Fight off zombies, explore the infected world, join factions and a lot more!

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Apr 14 2013 Anchor

It would be really cool if you could conduct raids on the police stations to get weapons, ammunition and supplies etc. You could also use the restricted area as a mission where you find out about the virus perhaps? They could also be used for safe houses.

It would also be cool to have more outfits around the place like the cop outfit, you know, for roleplaying.
I like the idea of Exploration mode's random events and think it would be fun to have hordes of zombies sometimes attack the safe zones in free roam just for something to do.
My final idea is that the player could find burnt out/abandoned vehicles on the roads. Driveable vehicles would be rare to come by in these traffic snarls but this would give the player some thing to watch out for on the roads. The traffic snarls would be in choke points on the road and you'd have to watch out for zombies as you try to pick a path through the wreckages.

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Apr 20 2013 Anchor

nice ideas dude... Your Final Idea will be in Exploration Mode as stated by jopper before which is rare to find.. ALso your first idea is like exploration mode except the map is the woods.. so Im gonna suggest Jopper to make 2 sceneries for exploration mode Urban ( The City ) and Rural ( The Forest )... So you can scavenge through buildings etc.. But I think that wouldnt be possible.. The L4T team will have to make Interiors for the buildings which will probably take a long time so will Let Jopper decide

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