Lambda Wars (formerly Half-Life 2: Wars) brings the struggle between the human resistance and their Combine overlords to a multiplayer real-time strategy setting. The Lambda Wars beta only requires Alien Swarm installed to play. It features 3 multiplayer game modes: Sandbox, Annihilation and Overrun, showcasing the Rebels and Combine playable factions and a full-fledged RTS interface and HUD. There is also a singleplayer tutorial and a handful of singleplayer missions.

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No more to say. I could review this but 1937 characters wont be enough.

Great job guys! I haven't downloaded newest patch but by older ones it is great!

Long time ago I wanted to play this mod but it required EP2 and I couldn't be bothered to buy it just for one mod. So here is my review now:

Lambda Wars turns the HL2 into something completely and terribly new, an fully fledged RTS game and it does it just right. There are plenty of maps for a starter, the SP part of the mod is dead, there's only 1 functional SP map that is more of a test than a mission and there's 1 map named "sp_radio" that appears to be heavily unfinished. The gameplay is solid apart from some bugs and spelling mistakes. Both the Combine Overwatch forces and the general rebels factions and well done but IMO are too much artifically balanced. The Combine recieves all the hardware and manpower it did in the SP story of Half-Life 2. You have the infamous Metropolice aswell as the Strider combat vehicles. Overall nearly all of the units are taken from the game and redone in the RTS fashion. The structures looks are solid and believeable especially the rebels.

What bothers me is how Lambda Wars somewhat fails to grip the story, the functions and the purpose of the war featured in HL2. The Combine ground forces are named "Combine Occupation Force" which is kind of silly. "Combine Overwatch" would be a lot better in their terminology. Metropolice and incorrectly labeled as light infantry even though the unit description states before they are volunteer police-like units. Light infantry is something different if you are looking at through the military eyes. The texts in the game could have more drama and the Combine could be portrayed as more souless and defiant as it was in HL2. Overall, this is a solid RTS mod that is somewhat stale is the background story. I wish the Combine APC would appear later on perhaps as a transport vehicle, if possible.

Looking forward to the next update and hoping they will be a taunting feature so a player could play some iconic Overwatch PA sounds during matches.

This game has a very good Idea going on, Taking Half-life 2, A very popular game following Gordan freeman, into a RTS A.K.A a Real time strategy! It reminds me a LOT like the Starcraft series.but seeing as this is a mod it has little Popularity and needs to be mentioned a bit, Uploaded videos anything! but it is still worth the time to download, and even visit the forums and tell them what you think, Thanks or even recommend new Ideas! either way click the rating button, share with your friends, and Help fight back the combine.. Or Destroy the Rebellion!

I love RTS games and this mod not only has potential but already put some great new stuff on the table!

Good mod! I recommend!


Lambda Wars is just one of those great mods which reinvents the wheel and makes a game into another genre altogether. The effort and genius itself that went into this mod is worthy of a good rating alone.

I can't wait to see where the mod goes next in future updates.

Some balance and interface issues remain outstanding (particularly grenade spam) but it's still in a beta stage, so this is to be expected. Otherwise this is an amazing mod, and one with a great deal of promise.

Lambda Wars is the one and only original strategy mod for Half-Life 2. Battle with or against your friends in Annihilation, survive waves of enemies in Overrun, and even mess around with your own layout in Sandbox! This mod is updated frequently and I would highly recommend it to players who enjoy Strategy games.

It is amazing! I love RTS games and the Half Life series so this is basically a dream come true!

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