Kung Fu Evolution is my idea of the ultimate kung fu mod for mp2. After reading several hours of code from The Real World mp1 mod, i started implenting a similar system into MP2.

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Amazing mod, it was worth the wait

this is endless fun with a few bugs but you can get passed them i love the finishers really good idea and its buggy though but still fun

I can say,that this is one of the best mp2 tc ever!
Yep it have bugs,but tc with same sizes can't be absolutly bug-free. some models need more work, but all of it i forgive cause it's realy only big tc for mp2 in last years. Nicely done! fix some holes in models and it was perfect.

Holy ! as expected... :D

Best Mod Ever

This mod is worth every second of every day of every month of every year


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