The paramedics report that they were unable to find his eyes. We think he may have eaten them.

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Overall I like this, but it plays very unstable for me -- the enemies, however they are rendered and regardless of my video settings, have a tendency to cause me to crash if I so much as look at them. What makes this painful is the fact that this isn't an overstatement -- I mean merely LOOKING at them can make me crash. I'm stuck at one point in the third (fourth, actually? not sure) chapter where I simply cannot continue because swiveling the camera thirty degrees to the right results in crashing. Every single time. Sometimes, it crashes the moment the game loads. Rated 7 for what I did get to play, would have been higher were it not for being such a frustrating experience.

The story is very engaging, and the level design is amazing.
Yet the Mod suffers a lot from random crashes in loadingtimes and
on location based triggers.
Too bad since the voicework and music, togheter with the concept and
story is superb, FIX IT !!!! and easily i would vote 9.

Try it here though v.2 is not fixed at all:

Seems like a good time. Gave me chills at times. It keeps crashing and I have to go back a couple saves, or it will crash as soon as it reloads. Usually around those clouds. I got tired and deleted it. Too bad


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