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It is a very well made mod, thechineseroom is one of the best, if not THE best, mod devs out there. Thank you thechineseroom, for this mod.


The story is very engaging, and the level design is amazing.
Yet the Mod suffers a lot from random crashes in loadingtimes and
on location based triggers.
Too bad since the voicework and music, togheter with the concept and
story is superb, FIX IT !!!! and easily i would vote 9.

Try it here though v.2 is not fixed at all:

Seems like a good time. Gave me chills at times. It keeps crashing and I have to go back a couple saves, or it will crash as soon as it reloads. Usually around those clouds. I got tired and deleted it. Too bad

Game is super creepy, definetly scared me pretty bad. only rating it 9/10 because of many many technical difficulties. but it was a good pyscho thriller game

this mod is what inspired me to make Welcome to my Nightmare and start making Pains of Eternity :)

From what I actually played, it was a fantastic mod. Truly, one of the best on ModDB, in my opinion.

What could I have deducted five points for? The glitches!

I could only play for about 5-10 minutes at a time, if I was lucky, before the game would crash! I know the reason behind this is probably the Source Engine 2010 update, but that is supposed to be fixed now. I couldn't finish some levels because no matter what I did, it would crash. I had to "noclip" around portions of levels or else, it would crash. If I looked at certain points on the map, it would crash. If I touched certain objects, it would crash.

Maybe things will get fixed in the next release, I sure hope they do (I've based this review off of "v!.2"). When/if things get fixed, this is a must play mod! Great game play, fantastic voice acting, incredible storytelling, and a moving soundtrack are just some of the things this mod has to offer.

If you see "Korsakovia v!.2" in the "downloads" section, don't waste your time. But if you see a newer version, give it a try, you'll love it.

P.S. I would like to ask the people at "thechineseroom" to make the "Korsakovia" soundtrack available for download, just like they did for "Dear Esther."

Thanks for reading!

Hmm, played it, but I have to say, I didn't enjoy it that much.
The enemies were just hell of annoying, due to that scream they made I didn't hear many of the story, they are awful to pass by, as you are mostly walking in tight hallways, it happened pretty often to me that an enemy just pushed me into an edge and I wasn't able to escape at all.
They were especially annoying in the part where you have to jump at such rotating things upwards to a tv which you had to destroy, most of the rotating objects got stuck and I got ever killed because I was neither able to see my enemies, as they were directly under the object I was standing at but they could still hit me, nor were I able to keep in movement as I had to wait for ages until one of the next objects passed by. Also that white flashes were so eyecancer, especially in the last part, I constantly got those flashes, totally annoying while jumping -.-
Also it is really bad that the story is told while playing or beeing in fights, due to problems I already discribed above and as English isn't my first language, I did really hard to listen to the nice voice acts while playing, undertitles where needed.

6/10 but only due to the not so bad music, the horrible good voice acting and the last part which looked quite nice (the rest looked pretty much all the same)

What a crappy mod, not only did I have to have near 50% volume to hear the dialogue, then the static came and broke my ears.

Afterwards getting some fast progress and eventually having 3 scraps of dialogue mashed in with the static and ambience.

Who the hell wants to listen to music in a horror game?

No visible health (never died, I think i'm immortal) no visible sprint of flashlight.

Plain bad dialogue as psychological crap-"horror" usually does.

Not scary, didn't even jump at any time, too loud ambience to make it creepy, was more annoying than scary, luckily f6+f9 fixed all the stupid sounds.

Plain bad enemy design, they are after you, they push you, you can kill them but not without going against a corner and getting hits while at it.

Conclusion, what a stupid mod.


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