Korax Mod is The first playable result of our development of the Korax engine. This is a gameplay modification that allows you to play the original Hexen levels in Direct 3D / OpenGL with some new RPG features, making for a much more differentiated gameplay according to which class you play. With the fighter, you'll laugh in the beginning as it'll be very easy, and will sweat (and die) in the end. With the mage, you'll have an extremely tough start and a child's play towards the end. Korax Mod is based on the famous jHexen port by SkyJake, providing some outstanding lightning effects and flares. This gameplay mode has a lot of cool features, like a spell casting system for every class, depending on the player class that you select you will be able to cast some spells, as the mage you will be able to cast up to 7 different spells acquired by raising your experience level, as the cleric you will be able to cast up to 4 different spells, and the fighter has the berserker...

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Sergio1992 Sergio1992 Nov 9 2014
Korax mod v4 beta 3:

This mod is good, but it has too many bugs. I don't recommend it.

From the seldom crash, to spell not working properly, to the fact that the protagonist isn't taken to the shop after ending each episode.

Not to mention the fact that when you finish the episode, you get annoyed by the fact that the text appears really slowly, and what else?

Ah, I couldn't use the items inside my inventory apart from the exploding flasks.

So, much potential, but it is totally wasted.


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