A little about the mod:

KOG's Law, originally Overthrow's Law was created during the first Sins of a Solar Empire game.
The mod was updated for Entrenchment and renamed Drison's Law after much work and tweaking, and again was updated for Rebellion and renamed KOG's Law, again with a lot of work put into it since early beta release to insure that it is as balanced as can be.

This mod has been around since the beginning of the game. Drison and myself wanted to make some changes to reduce lag in the original game and make it more exciting. Lag is no longer an issue with the updates and changes the game creators have made, but we have still left the changes in as it made the game a little more fun. Here is a list of changes.


~Reduced the time of Armistice 75 seconds to 30 seconds.

~Reduced the pirate strength by about 50%.


~Hangar Defense have been removed as well as light carriers (This was originally done to cut down on lag but we found later that it made carriers worth something.)

~Pirates have been buffed quite a bit (I can tell you that larger waves of pirates will hurt.. even early waves.)

~Planets have been changed a little and asteroids received a buff of how many mineral asteroids they can have.

~TEC mines were removed. Advent still retain them but they may only be spawned off of carriers and stations (The AI still does not use them, but it makes it fun for the player. Vasari retain their mines for balancing purposes.)

~Super Weapons have been removed. (Mostly due to AI rushing them.)

~The amount of capitals you can build has been increased to a total of 24 at the final upgrade. Up from 16 in the original version of Rebellion

~TEC rebels can no longer make an alliance with pirates but can now build two stations. (With the changes to the pirates it made the TEC Rebels seem a little too overpowered)

~Stations now have 10 upgrade points. They can also shoot the entire gravity well, repair platforms and inhibitors can now also reach the entire gravity well. (This will NOT reach the entire gravity well on suns.. depending on the size of the sun, but will work on 99% of the planet gravity wells.)

~Capitals and titan experience per level has been reduced.

Before you start complaining about balance or other things, please try the mod, this is designed for friends to play against the AI or just face wave after wave of pirate ships.


Thanks goes to Kog, Drison, Divercity and Cataire.
Also, I would like to thank Cillian for the banner that he made for the mod
Thanks for your help guys.

Install in the mod folder in Documents\My Games\Ironclad Games\Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellion\Mods-Rebellion vx.xx
The maps go in the galaxy forge folder, these will be released at a later time.

The Mod can be used with pretty much any version of SotSE:R, if you find a version that it is not working on, please send either Overthrow or Drison a mail.

Please remember to vote also :)

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2 years ago News 0 comments

if any of you would like to continue with this mod, update it and add to it be my guest, you have my full blessing, I just ask u use the mod name and I will delete this page so you the user can take over. Cheers and happy holidays. oh, just shoot me a mail, the first person to come up with the working versions up to date with the new dlc will get to create the page for it, so send me your mails. Thank you for all the mails I have received and support from the community, we had so few complaints and so many requests to keep it alive. Thank you very much from all of you.King of Geeks (kog)



3 years ago News 9 comments

honestly we can not think of what else to really change. We need feedback from the community to make this mod grow, otherwise, we only need to update...

Great feedback

Great feedback

3 years ago News 3 comments

Happy to hear every one is enjoying the mod so much and now I am just waiting to see which version gets downloaded more.

Need feedback and maps coming

Need feedback and maps coming

3 years ago News 0 comments

need feedback of what people think and what they would like to see changed or added. Also new maps coming.



3 years ago News 1 comment

We would like feedback and more people playing so we can make future changes.

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3 years ago Full Version 11 comments

Full pirate version, fixed research issue with assari loyalist also fixed the pirates and many other things.

Version 1.2

Version 1.2

3 years ago Full Version 0 comments

Nerfed pirate version, fixed research issue with assari loyalist also fixed the pirates and many other things.

KOG's Law v1.1a

KOG's Law v1.1a

3 years ago Full Version 2 comments

Pretty much the same changes as v1.1 minus the pirate nerf for those of you who wish for them to remain a challenge.

KOG's Law v1.1

KOG's Law v1.1

3 years ago Full Version 9 comments

1.1 CHANGES: ~Reduced the time of Armistice 75 seconds to 30 seconds. ~Reduced the pirate strength by about 50%.

Some maps

Some maps

3 years ago Singleplayer Map 0 comments

Two maps we have been using for testing purposes.

Kog's Law 1.0

Kog's Law 1.0

3 years ago Full Version 2 comments

The mod, enjoy. Any feedback would be appreciated after u played at least 2 full matches all the way threw on the hardest diffculty. Best to play against...

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drison Aug 6 2012 says:

So i have rebuilt the mod from the ground up using the latest reference files for 1.031. I found some of the files were a bit dated. I'm going to test out the mod for a couple more days and then release 2 versions. 1 with the current pirate level and 1 with nerfed pirates for the single players.

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protos113 Jul 26 2012 says:

Hi i don't know if this is a bug or what but when ever i phase jump to a gravity well my fleet wants to stay away from my titan as much as possible example:
my titans here

fleets here
on the other side of the gravity well and i haven't changed anything and also in the middle of a fight they want to move away from the fight. any help is good

+2 votes     reply to comment
protos113 Jul 28 2012 replied:

don't worry got it to work

+2 votes     reply to comment
madmeady Jul 6 2012 says:

ok i stated game as vasarie then i researched everything to strip planet once u take it over u have to abandon planet by pressing the evac button in bottom center of screen while targeting planet then wait for the strip count down then hey presto mini dump game locks up

+2 votes     reply to comment
madmeady Jul 5 2012 says:

ok not that im a party pooper but :-) ive found a floor in the planets files, if u versarie u canot strip the planets coz it crashes the game apart from that i agree the repair stations arnt useing there abilitys everything else is mentaly awsume :-)

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drison Jul 5 2012 replied:

I have been playing the versarie exclusively the last 2 weeks and have not encountered this bug. I have notice the versarie ships don't always auto cast the strip planet ability but i'm not sure if that's a mod issue or a game issue. If you can describe more in detail of the conditions when it happens so i can try and recreate it. Thanks.

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willyTHERAVEGER Jul 3 2012 says:

hi, will you update to SOASER 1.03?

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drison Jul 5 2012 replied:

We are working to update to 1.03.

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drison Jun 30 2012 says:

Hi, I'm Drison and i helped co designed the mod with overthrow. This mod was built around our first mod which was Drison's Law in the original sins. In the original game me and overthrow grew very frustrated with the lack of caps the AI would build as we felt the caps is what made the game cool not subcaps. So we modified the pirates to achieve the capital fights we were seeking and got some success out of it but still not quite what we wanted.

By the time diplomacy came out we had stopped playing the game. Once news of rebellion came out it sparked our interest into the game again. Overthrow got into the beta and took over the mod and made it into what it is today. I got the game at launch and little did I know how much diplomacy changed the behavior of pirates. So upon playing my old new mod and seeing the pirates come at me was awesome. However once the AI starts feeding the pirates missions plus the normal pirate wave it does get very over whelming the longer the game goes. However playing with overthrow trying to take out the AI and the pirates at the same time was some of the most fun i have ever had and most challenging gameplay i had as a human vs AI coop game.

So with that said i believe playing with other people to fight the pirates, the pirates are fine. However playing as single player against the pirates i can agree the pirates are to much imo. So im going to talk to overthrow about either keeping 1 mod and nerfing the pirates or making a 2nd version of our mod with scaled back pirates that make it more single player friendly. That way if you play with friends you can use our current mod and have tons of fun or load our scaled back version.

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MassDownloader Jun 30 2012 replied:

Thanks for the reply ^.^

I don't have any friends sadly with who I can play the mod(Or have any friends anyway;p), but I bet the mod gets way more fun when playing with people who will actually help when you get attacked xD

I will keep tracking the comments/mod in the mean time and play the mod some more ;)

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