The mod you are trying to view has ceased development and consequently been archived. If you are a member of this mod, can demonstrate that it is being actively developed and will be able to keep this profile up to date with the latest news, images, videos and downloads, please contact us with all details and we will consider its re-activation.

KNIGHTS OF THE FORCE 2.0 (Part 1) About Part 2

* Singleplayer character autoclass system.
* Jedi Academy new story mode "You are not a padawan now! What is more, you don't need to be a jedi!"
Choose your character among the 100 new character section menu and play with whoever you want.
When you select your character, their characteristic features will adjust the game.

* KotF Add/Load Menu System
* KotF Player Menu System.
* Advanced angle system.
* Npc Add/Remove system.
* KotF special CD Menus.
* 6 Languages support,

* New 13 single player missions :
SW Episode I Tatooine Darth Maul attacks : 2 level
SW Episode II Jango's Escape : 5 level
SW Episode III General Grievous's Escape : 6 level

* Realistic dismember option added for lightsabers and sharp-edged weapons. Also added a "Realistic Lightsaber"
option that makes the game more enjoyable and realistic. When you turn on this option, Lightsaber acts like in
the movies and is effective when touching and object or enemy even if the player hasn't attacked. Gamorrean,
Tusken, Weequay, Gran and such characters' weapons causes the player to bleed (spear, tusken staff, mace, axe).
This option can be turned of from the KotF's CD menu.

* KotF part 1: Multiplayer same Jedi Academy gameplay
* Jedi Academy - With support of 64 vehicles , all the KotF maps , and menus which makes easier to chose skins,
* Portuguese and Turkish full Jedi Academy translation.
* 100 Star Wars characters,
* 150 skins, (reedited)
* 70 lightsabers, (reedited)
* 50 vehicles, (reedited)
* 130 Advanced NPCs
* 40 New and upgraded menus,
* New cinematics
* The best 30 Jedi Outcast maps (mostly Star Wars movie maps)
* Total 70 multiplayer & singleplayer maps
* You can also use vehicles which are coming back to movies and join the battle. Totally 20 multiplayer maps
* New vechiles support, for singleplayer (droideka,snowspeeder, x-wing, tiefighters , atst)
* Dogfights from Battle of hoth (x-wing v.s tiefighters) (singleplayer)
* Space battles for multiplayer. (Battle of Endor) CTF TFFA
and more...bots, npcs and vehicles.

Multiplayer map list :
Episode1 DroidControlShip (with vehicles)
Episode1 Naboo Theed (with vehicles)
Episode1 Boonta Eve (with vehicles)
Episode1 Gungan City
Episode1 Naboo Hills (with vehicles)
Episode1 Tatooine Desert (with vehicles)
Episode1 DuelofTheFatesJO (with vehicles)
Episode1 DuelofTheFatesJA
Episode1 DuelOfTheFates (with vehicles)
Episode1 Naboo Hangar
Episode1 NabooReactorRoom
Episode2 Coruscant (with vehicles)
Episode2 Coruscant Landing
Episode2 Coruscant Pub
Episode2 Tusken Camp
Episode2 Kamino (with vehicles)
Episode2 Kamino Landing
Episode2 Geonosis Arena (with vehicles)
Episode2 Battle of Geonosis (with vehicles)
Episode2 Geonosis Hanger
Episode3 Invisible Hand
Episode3 Utapau (with vehicles)
Episode3 Utapau Landing
Episode3 Jedi Council
Episode3 Jedi Temple
Episode3 Jedi Arhives
Episode3 Mygeeto
Episode3 Mustafar
Episode3 Palpatines Office
Episode3 Senate
Episode3 Vader's Chamber
Episode4 TantiveIV
Episode4 MosEisleyCantina
Episode4 Yavin Hangar
Episode4 Death Star
Episode4 Death Star trench (with vehicles)
Episode5 Battle of Hoth (with vehicles)
Episode5 Carbon Freeze
Episode5 Carbon City
Episode5 Besbin Landing
Episode5 Vader's Chamber
Episode6 Jabba's Palace (with vehicles)
Episode6 Jabba's Sail barge (with vehicles)
Episode6 Endor Landing
Episode6 Emperor's Room
Episode6 Battle of Endor (with vehicles)
Episode6 Ewok Village
Rock Oasis
Battle Front Yavin
Falcon Desert (with vehicles)
FC Academy Hangar (with vehicles)
Star Destroyer Assault (with vehicles)
Jedi Pavillion - Bespin
GE Arena X
Forgotten Rebel Base
Star Destroyer Hangar
Imperial Duel Turbine
Ord Mantell Canyon
Palace Wars
Conquest of Byss
The Fortress
Gas Mine

KotF Part I Approxımatıve file size : 1.25 Gb
KotF Part I requires 2.5 GB space on your hard disk.


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Archiving mods isn't something we like doing. We dislike banning mods even more. However, Knights of the Force has finally reached the point where - despite numerous chances at redemption and erring on the side of goodwill - we have decided to add it to our small list of "Don't touch this with a very long stick" mods.

As some of you may be aware, KotF has long had a reputation of being a sham mod with no original content, never delivering what was promised when it was promised. This was compounded by allegations of attempting to charge for the mod, misappropriation of donations and various other stuff. Mod DB's policy of not getting involved with the politics of individual mods was rolled out time and time again in response to various users asking (And in some cases demanding) that we ban the mod, TimFx, and anybody else who happened to say that perhaps the mod might be legitimate.

Months passed and it all faded away, only to be brought back to the forefront a couple of days ago with the advent of Knights of the Force 2.0 (Part 1). We duly downloaded the file, read the readme, noticed the mentions of the virus alert, checked the checksums and decided that at least one part of the mod was as described - there was no virus in cmdow.exe. The rest of the mod looked to be vaguely correct to our non-Jedi-Academy-playing eyes, so we tentatively authed the download.

Two days later, we've been getting allegations of trojans of varying degrees, pointless file bulking, distribution of LucasArts' original content, non-attribution of some content and various other stuff. Some of this is verified, other is scaremongering. Either way this adds up to what is, in the eyes of some of Mod DB's core staff, a simple verdict:

Pull it. We've given enough chances for the mod's reputation to be restored.

For legal reasons and to avoid the subsequent headaches I'm not going to make or repeat specific accusations against the mod or say which of the above we believe to be true, but suffice to say we believe it has broken several of Mod DB's terms of use, and just goes against the spirit of the entire modding community. We have pulled the 2.0 (Part 1) download completely and banned the mod, although you may find the changes haven't rippled out to you by the time you read this.

Any questions you have we'll do our best to answer in here if you post a comment, or if you'd rather not say something publically then fire me a PM.


8 years ago News 0 comments


Knights of the Force ALL FEATURES

Knights of the Force ALL FEATURES

9 years ago News 5 comments

Knights of the Force 2.0 is a Jedi Academy Modification, which the development took place between 2003 and 2007. Previous 1.0 version was developed and...

Knights of the Force ALL FEATURES

Knights of the Force ALL FEATURES

9 years ago News 0 comments

Knights of the Force Knights of the Force 2.0 is a Jedi Academy Modification, which the development took place between 2003 and 2007. Previous 1.0 version...

Knights of the Force Demo Released

Knights of the Force Demo Released

9 years ago News 2 comments

Knights of the Force (KotF) is an expansion pack mod that includes stages, characters, places weapons and vehicles from the 6 movies, cartoons and comics...

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Knights of the Force Ultimate Trailer

Knights of the Force Ultimate Trailer

8 years ago Movies 0 comments

Knights of the Force 2.0 is a Jedi Academy Modification, which the development took place between 2003 and 2007. Previous 1.0 version was developed and...

KotF new Npc system

KotF new Npc system

9 years ago Movies 9 comments

KotF Add/Load Menu System This is one of the most impressive features of KotF. You can see this menu by pressing "K" button while in game or from the...

KotF Demo video Jango v.s Obi-wan

KotF Demo video Jango v.s Obi-wan

9 years ago Movies 0 comments

KotF Demo Video Jango Fett v.s Obi-wan Kenobi (Level 2)

Grievous The Jedi Hunter

Grievous The Jedi Hunter

9 years ago Movies 1 comment

GrievousTheJediHunter KotF teaser codec Divx 6 for JKA

KOTF Special cd menu

KOTF Special cd menu

9 years ago Movies 0 comments

KOTF Special cd menu preview video video codec DIVX 6

Battle of Endor (space)

Battle of Endor (space)

9 years ago Movies 0 comments

Battle for Endor (space) map TFFA/CTF Video codec : Divx 6 320 x 240 sorry low detail video

Post comment Comments  (70 - 80 of 148)
vedat Apr 6 2008 says:

is this mod the worst mod ever!!?? Because it looks like awesome!!

-1 votes     reply to comment
trigatx Apr 8 2008 replied:

It's crap. Only three missions and it took him 5 years and 40 missed release dates to make them. He promised to release more missions but it will probably take him another 5 years to release the next three missions. The downloaed game contains virues and trojans plus over 1 Gigabyte of base JKA files that are completely unnecessary. He put them in only to make the game bigger than it relly is. And he sold that pile of crap for $ 100 to his fanboys when it wasn't even finished yet. Bottom line: Timbo is the biggest f*cktard in the history of game mods and his mod is a big steaming pile of sh*t.

+3 votes     reply to comment
TheAssassinator Apr 14 2008 replied:

This is cool.

-3 votes     reply to comment
Kouen Mar 31 2008 says:

I don't know about viruses, I don't care about viruses. I'm just going to emphasise that everyone should be very very careful, because if the reports are true, there's some nasty **** in there. Two of my Spanish friends reported NetCat.A as AurisTrent did, which is a spawner. Messy.

The main reason I'm not going anywhere near this, is that it's too much filesize for what you're getting - virtually nothing, like that Guild Wars Bonus Mission Pack (Seriously, $15 for four measly missions? Give me a break!) - and I have enough of a spine to stand up and show simple decency towards the modders this guy has stabbed in the back.

HapSlash, minilogoguy, SJC, LDJ, Gir, Mars Marshall Inyri, and everyone else - can't possibly list them all on here. Those are the ones who should have all of our support. If people can't see *THAT*, then modding really is a dead art and should be made extinct.

+4 votes     reply to comment
Ilsamir_Lord Apr 4 2008 replied:


+2 votes     reply to comment
Niekman Apr 1 2008 replied:

A kinda dramatic statement but true for it's content

+3 votes     reply to comment
trigatx Mar 28 2008 says:

It really is funny, I repeated all the scans that I did before with six different scanners and I still find the trojans and viruses with all of them. And it's not surprising that the comments that say the don't find any viruses and trojans get buried because everybody knows that they are written by Timbo and his one fanboy. Get lost, Timbo. We don't want your crap mod with three missions that is 80 percent base files from JKA that you put in to bloat the file from 200 MB to over 1 GB with afew trojans thrown in. You are the worst scum that the modding community has ever seen.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Gishank Mar 29 2008 replied:

I'm not a Fanboy, nor' am i Tim. Frankly, i think Tim is a Scamming lowlife scumbag. But that doesn't draw the fact away that it wasn't picked up by AVG or Kapersky. And i've scanned it multiple times.

Did a scan of my entire PC with Avast Worm Remover. Which is designed to remove NetCat varients which supposedly there was one in there. But nope, nothing.

Because i don't agree, and i haven't picked up any viruses, i must be a Fanboy or Tim himself? :RollsEyes:

-1 votes     reply to comment
Gishank Mar 28 2008 says:

It's funny, as i said before. I scanned both with Kapersky(Quite a good Scanner), and AVG, not a Single Virus. Anyone who says it hasn't got a virus in, is instantly silenced by having their comment Buried. It's Ironic Really.

0 votes     reply to comment
Mango Mar 26 2008 says:

This Has Trojan.......

+3 votes     reply to comment
PcPEdelweiss Mar 26 2008 says:

When the next missions will be released before the part 2 release? I am borring with the missions we have!

0 votes     reply to comment
trigatx Mar 26 2008 replied:

in five years

0 votes     reply to comment
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Highest Rated (3 agree) 8/10

This mod contains a lot of elements from the Star Wars universe (characters, maps, sabers, ships etc.). You can spawn npcs, change your character, saber, Force configuration and a lot of others. The virus that a lot of people are afraid of is just a big lie. The game contains just a small and harmless trojan. The only problem about the mod would be that it is incomplete and it has some bugs (It crashes sometimes, for example if you switch your character too much in a short period of time).

Aug 4 2011 by MasterVV

Lowest Rated (3 agree) 1/10

idiot who talks much steals money from supporter and then go to "war" if anybody belives what he wrote on his page ... hes still havent come back maybe kia ? whould be a nice one

Aug 20 2011 by Cheebameister

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