2 Years after the release of "Klingon Academy II: The General War" comes a multiplayer/instant action expansion, "Klingon Academy II: Empire at War". KA2: EAW takes the enhanced combat gameplay of KA2: The General War and adds a rich, detailed 'Empire Building' element to it. No longer can you quickly build up your forces. Now you must dedicate time and resources to research and development. This detailed system of hull, conversion packs, systems, weapons and other miscellaneous research also sheds light on the backstory behind KA2. Learn about the Klingon Empire designs her warships, how the Federation developed the massive Yamato Class, and discover the history of the Interstellar Concordium and the Tholian Assembly. Each side has an expanded set of ship classes, and a mysterious new power has entered the galaxy. The Federation's worst fears are about to be realised...

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2 comments by SquireJames on Sep 22nd, 2014

Hello there, just a quick update to inform you that v1.3 Beta will soon be released. Still calling it a beta since it's only me doing the testing so, if there are bugs I promise I tried to eradicate them.

What's different in 1.3 you might ask? Well I like to keep a few surprises but, here is a basic outline.

- Two New Sides; The Hydran Kingdoms and the Lyran Star Kingdom.
- New Terran Empire NPCs that will either be found derelict or attack you on certain maps
- New Civilian freighters imported from Klingon Academy.
- Updated graphics for many iconic ships (Missouri, Yamato, Imperial Hawk, Senator etc) and for some stations (Federation Sensor Probe now uses the correct Klingon Academy model)
- Redone Computer voices for the Federation
- Resampled Music (Higher quality)
- New sound effects for station selection etc (taken from Armada I). Now each race has its own.
- Hero units for the Federation, ISC and Gorn Confederacy
- FleetOps inspired "Mixed Tech" (which I will explain below)
- Captured shipyards can now produce your races vessels (i.e if a Klingon player captures a Federation shipyard, he can build Klingon ships there as if it were his own shipyard)

For those unfamiliar with FleetOps and Mixed Tech, basically it gives you special rewards, units, powers etc when you either capture another races construction ship or are allied with them (varies based on "canon" alliances and conflicts). The only race that has no mixed tech, and no mixed tech based on them, is the Tholian Assembly for obvious reasons (they can neither capture nor be captured).

For example, the ISC is at war with...everyone, ergo they will need to capture construction tenders to get access to their mixed tech abilities and units. The Federation on the otherhand is at war with the Klingon Empire, the Romulan Star Empire, the Lyran Star Kingdom and the ISC, but is allied with the Gorn Confederacy and the Hydran Star Kingdom. If they start off a game allied with the Gorn or the Hydrans, their Equipment Research Station has a Databank Research Project for the relevant power, which once researched gives access to otherwise hidden units.

A special case is the relationship between the Klingon Empire and the Romulan Star Empire. To simulate the changing relationship between them, they have both an "Allied" option and a "Capture" option. The Lyran Star Kingdom, staunch allies of the Klingon Empire, also has the dual Allied or Capture option with the Romulans.

Given as most of you will simply go straight to the tech tree files and look at who gets what anyways, I might as well tell you what each mixed tech does. Also, bear in mind that mixed tech combines together.

Federation - Klingon = Enables construction of the USS Star Empire (a very powerful Dreadnought)
Federation - Romulan = Enables construction of the USS Cerberus (a Light Cruiser with holographic generators)
Federation - Gorn = Enables construction of Excelsior Class Refit Battlecruisers (stronger hull and shields than the regular Excelsior Class)
Federation - ISC = Refits Excelsiors (and Excelsior Refits if enabled) with Subspace Distortion Generators (long ranged instantaneous travel)
Federation - Hydran = Enables construction of Hornet-B Fightercraft (more phasers than regular Hornets)
Federation - Lyran = Refits Miranda (and the USS Cerberus if enabled) with Defensive ESGs

Klingon - Federation = Refits pIH-S Class Science Frigates with ESPlaDs (Cloak detection)
Klingon - Romulan = Refits Sensor Posts with Cloaking Devices
Klingon - Gorn = Enables construction of the IKS Qeh'Ral (a powerful new Battleship prototype)
Klingon - ISC = Refits pIH-C Class Cargo Frigates with Grappler Beams (immobilises and beams over Klingon Marines)
Klingon - Hydran = Enables construction of StoH'Goh (Steel Fist) Fightercraft (armed with Heavy Photons)
Klingon - Lyran = Refits Chava'Kal Class Assault Transports with Defensive ESGs

Romulan - Federation = Refits Imperial Hawk Class Battleships with Dual Assault Phasers
Romulan - Klingon = Refits War Eagle Class Dreadnoughts with AMFPs
Romulan - Gorn = Refits Legion Class Light Cruisers with GHRCs and Senator Class Command Cruisers with QCBs
Romulan - ISC = Refits Condor Class Dreadnoughts with Standard PPDs.
Romulan - Hydran = Enables construction of Shadowblade Class Fightercraft (armed with Medium Plasmas)
Romulan - Lyran = Refits Centurion Class Heavy Cruisers with Defensive ESGs

Gorn - Federation = Refits Sensor Emplacements with ESPlaDs (Cloak detection)
Gorn - Klingon = Refits King Snake-S Class Scout Frigates with Cloaking Devices
Gorn - Romulan = Refits Grendel Class Dreadnoughts and King Grendel Class Battleships with EHFRCs
Gorn - ISC = Refits Basilisk Class Battlecruisers with Standard PPDs
Gorn - Hydran = Refits Viper Psuedo-Fighters with GHRCs
Gorn - Lyran = Enables the construction of the GNS Queen Derenesktta (a Psuedo-Fighter Tender)

ISC - Federation = Enables construction of Sensor Buoys
ISC - Klingon = Refits Type APA-VII Assault Transports with Grappler Beams
ISC - Romulan = Refits Type FF-IVsc Scout Frigates with Cloaking Devices
ISC - Gorn = Refits Type DD-III (and Type DD-IIId Refits) with GHRCs
ISC - Hydran = Enables construction of Type FA-IX Fightercraft (more phasers than Type FA-VII)
ISC - Lyran = Refits Type CVN-VI Fleet Carriers with Defensive ESGs

Hydran - Federation = Refits Sensor Drones with ESPlaDs (Cloak detection)
Hydran - Klingon = Refits Monarch Class Dreadnoughts with AMFPs
Hydran - Romulan = Refits Archer Class Scout Frigates with Cloaking Devices
Hydran - Gorn = Refits Royal Sovereign Fleet Carriers with Defensive GDDS
Hydran - ISC = Refits Regent Class Light Cruisers with Light PPDs
Hydran - Lyran = Refits Knight Class Destroyers with Offensive ESGs

Lyran - Federation = Refits Sensor Posts with ESPlaDs (Cloak detection)
Lyran - Klingon = Refits Serval Class Assault Transports with Grappler Beams
Lyran - Romulan = Refits Wildcat Class Scout Frigates with Cloaking Devices
Lyran - Gorn = Refits Caracal Class Destroyers with GHRCs
Lyran - ISC = Refits Wildcat Class Scout Frigates with Subspace Jump Drives (short ranged instantaneous travel)
Lyran - Hydran = Enables construction of Occilot Pseudo-Fighters (increased weaponry compared to Occicat PFs)

So as you can see, capturing your enemy's construction tenders, or choosing your allies carefully, can yield some powerful benefits. As mentioned, these stack, so if you were Lyran and allied with the Romulans, then captured an ISC Construction Tender, with the correct research undertaken your Wildcat Class Scout Frigates could Cloak AND have Subspace Jump Drives.

Now to the slightly dull bits. Installation remains the slight odd procedure it was before, but it's simple really and if you have 1.2 installed, all you need do is delete your KA2 EAW folder (inside the FleetOps Mod Folder) then install 1.3. I would not suggest installing it over a 1.2 install as this has not been tested.

I hope to eventually upgrade all the 3d models in KA2, polish it a bit further, work out some balancing issues etc as time goes by. I very much doubt 1.3 will be the final release but, it will be the last for a while (with the exception of bug fixes and such)

So, enjoy! By the time this news goes live it should be available for download.

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alexbond45 Dec 26 2012, 9:27pm says:

[I'm moving this back to the top because a reply to your post will get VERY weird due to how Moddb is,I know from experience when I watched the Republic at War mod]

I'm actually helping created a mod my friend is making for Empire at War
[ Moddb.com ]
But I really like the Armada 2 Engine, the ability to simulate system damage is really good, I'm glad that they actually get DAMAGED [I really liked that about Armada 2, It added a bit of Trek to it because there is never a time in star trek where they're 100% except for after pulling out of spacedock!] Ships lose some systems surprisingly fast, I had a Lexington Command Cruiser strand from the fleet [A borg Sphere attacked in combination with a Klingon Raid! :O] and had no weapons or sensor packages, and Engines were are 40% so no warp drive.

All-in-all, the work you've done is really good, I have never played a single one of the SFC games that this game is based on, but this mod is great! The pacing could be a little faster, but I change that in pre-game [I'm a bit impatient sometimes and spending 5 minutes base-building isn't my FAVORITE thing]

+1 vote     reply to comment
SquireJames Creator
SquireJames Dec 27 2012, 6:36am replied:

That is the beauty of the pre-game settings; you can tailor the game to your own tastes and I don't have to mod a thing :)

KA2 is sort of an amalgam of the original Klingon Academy and the Starfleet Command universe, so there are many things that I had to make myself to fill the gaps. (Weapon loadouts for ISC, Hydran, Mirak etc since they weren't in KA and SFC weapon loadouts are vastly different). So, basically even long time SFC and SFB players will find something new and unfamiliar. :)

I have to admit, the relative ease I added the Hydrans with has sort of inspired me. I know there is a maximum of 8 sides in Multiplayer, even though in Instant Action they are virtually unlimited. Gives me the opportunity to add one more side into the mix if I wish though. Might have to put up a poll or something.

+1 vote   reply to comment
ngforever1989 Dec 30 2012, 5:42am replied:

If you ever throw in the mirak full blown, they would be pretty OP with those missile batteries lol. i loved those missile cruisers, even battleships quaked with fear muahahaha. ahh they sure did love missles

+1 vote     reply to comment
desgowlron Dec 30 2012, 6:10am replied:

Hmm my guess would be they'd basically end up being a slower version of plasma torpedoes as they are in this game. Might keep them decently balanced, make them deadly at close range but countered by long-range and swift moving ships kiting them hehe

+1 vote     reply to comment
SquireJames Creator
SquireJames Dec 30 2012, 3:45pm replied:

Currently ingame it's almost the opposite :) They can outrange most vessels, but they are quite anaemic when it comes to close range primary weapons. So sure, that Mirak Wolverine Class DN might be formidable with 6 Scatterpacks, but get your (for example) Accuser Class DN in there, and you have 2 Heavy Photons, 5 Disruptors and an AMFP, whilst he only gains an extra 4 Disruptors. (Plus, Scatterpacks are less accurate and slower than Photons, although slightly more powerful. Heavy Photons, Hellbore and Photon Cannons and any Plasma Torpedo significantly out-gun them)

The other thing to remember is ECM and ECCM. ECM has a big effect on secondary weaponry, particularly Scatterpacks :)

+1 vote   reply to comment
ngforever1989 Dec 31 2012, 4:22am replied:

Really? they were dam powerful in SFC2, suppose they need curbed down a bit

+1 vote     reply to comment
SquireJames Creator
SquireJames Dec 31 2012, 8:59am replied:

Well in my eyes it didn't make a lot of sense that a centuries old technology would be more damaging than the latest Romulan Plasma Yields or Klingon Trilithium Depleted Warheads.

+1 vote   reply to comment
desgowlron Dec 31 2012, 9:13am replied:

That's a pretty good point lol

+1 vote     reply to comment
ngforever1989 Dec 25 2012, 8:34pm says:

Hydrans lookin good. I know better than to ask if you will be including their unique weapons:P

+1 vote     reply to comment
SquireJames Creator
SquireJames Dec 25 2012, 9:26pm replied:

Well, the Hydrans are already in KA2 as a map race, so try them out for yourself :P

+1 vote   reply to comment
ngforever1989 Dec 25 2012, 10:24pm replied:

which map? havent played them all.

+1 vote     reply to comment
SquireJames Creator
SquireJames Dec 26 2012, 6:12pm replied:

I think it was "mp06blue" (can't remember the map name) but they are a map race rather than playable. You can easily add and play with their ships in the map editor.

+1 vote   reply to comment
alexbond45 Dec 24 2012, 9:34pm says:

I cannot download the manual, all of the links seem to be broken [it will not start]

+1 vote     reply to comment
SquireJames Creator
SquireJames Dec 25 2012, 3:39pm replied:

I am afraid that's a ModDb issue. I do however have an alternative download link. I know that over holiday periods, ModDb server loads (and those of download mirrors) can be very overpopulated, so I keep a set of files on mediafire for such occasions


+1 vote   reply to comment
alexbond45 Dec 26 2012, 10:08am replied:

Thank you! A couple of years ago I tried this mod when it was not Fleetops [General War or whatever] and I really liked it. I just like watching TMP Era ships blow each other up while knowing there is still a sense of balance that you did not get in Vanilla Armada 2 [Since the bigger ships=better]

I decided to redownload while playing a TMP/TOS Era mod for Star Wars: Empire at War and thought "Wasn't there an Armada 2 mod for this?".
Thankfully, I arrived right when you released the fleetops version, as I cannot install Armada 2 anymore due to my OS.
Really good work!

+1 vote     reply to comment
SquireJames Creator
SquireJames Dec 26 2012, 6:14pm replied:

I considered moving it to Star Wars: Empire at War actually. It was a bit of a tie between that and Sins of a Solar Empire, but I know too little about modding either to know whether various special weapons and such would work in those engines and so on, so I stuck with an engine I knew. Glad you like it. I'll be releasing a manual addition soon with the Hydrans added to it, followed shortly by the latest version of the mod with the Hydrans included as a fully playable race.

+1 vote   reply to comment
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